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    No matter what kind of dogs are, the fundamental feeding method is the same, but the fur of the lady and dogs needs to be carefully managed. The following combines some dogs.
    The talk about raising dogs, it can be said that there are really a lot of knowledge. The following are some experiences that integrate the experience of many pets and professionals and professionals, including many aspects. I hope it will help you:
    First of all, we have to take the time to feed the dogs and play with the dog every day. Dog repellent, dog's food expenses, sickness to the hospital)
    . Dog's food:
    The best food for dogs is dog food, if you can't eat dog food, eat it When making home food, pay attention to ensuring nutritional balance. Animal internal organs (Note: Do not feed pig liver for a long time, poisoning), meat, corn flour, fish (note: the hard spines of fish may be stuck, it is best to pick it), carrots, etc., can be dog foods. Fate it for almost no salt and cook. In addition, when feeding puppies and dog food, mix a little warm water.
    If feeding times:
    birth-12 weeks: 4-5 times/day; 12 weeks to 4 months: feed 3-4 times/day; 4 months-1 year old God; after one year of age: feed once/day
    Note: The puppies have poor control over hunger. They should be fed according to the feeding amount in the dog food manual to prevent gastrointestinal diseases from eating too much.
    . The nutritional elements of dogs
    The dogs are omnivorous animals. They want to eat everything that people eat, but the nature is still stronger with meat. Therefore, it is still ideal to feed foods containing animal protein, especially puppies in the stage of development. About 8-9 grams of protein must be supplemented every day.
    The method of feeding in animal protein, such as beef, fish, chicken, eggs, beef liver or chicken liver, milk, etc. and this ingredient. But in general, the protein is the most abundant in fish, and you should feed as much as possible for puppies.
    The nutrients second only to protein are fat, puppies need to be twice as much as possible. Meats and dairy products are still the source of fat acquisition for fat growth for puppies.
    Mest vitamin is an important factor that affects dog physical strength and metabolism. Healthy dogs can synthesize him in the body, but other foods containing vitamin A, B1, B2, B6, D, etc. need to be fed by the owner. Therefore, when arranging three meals for dogs, such foods should be included in the menu. Mixing beef liver, chicken liver, eggs, dairy products, etc. mixes in its foods. The problem is that dogs may not like to eat these foods, so at the beginning, you should mix some foods that they usually like to eat. In this way, it does not cause the deviation of shadowing, or there is a lack of vitamin.
    three, reasonable nutrition ratio of dog food
    puppies: 35% grain 33% of the dog: 28% grain 40% fruits and fruits 30% additive 2% additive 2% fruits and fruits 30% r r 30%
    . Foods that dogs should not feed
    Is when dogs see their families holding big fish and meat and delicious snacks in front of the table, they will also want to eat All foods outside the meal should refuse the dog's begging. The following food should be collected:
    1, the fish and milk that just taken from the freezer (easy to cause the lower diarrhea)
    2, squid, octopus, shellfish , Shrimp, crabs and other seafood (not easy to digest)
    3, chicken bones and fish bones are sharp and hard, it is easy to stab the oral and digestive organs, nor can they feed. (Sometimes it will cause intestinal hemorrhage)
    4, dessert honey crickets (the main cause of tooth decay and obesity)
    5, ginger, curry powder, pepper and other irritating spices, too stimulating the stomach
    6, salt divisions High food.
    7, shiitake mushrooms, fresh grinds, etc. that are not easy to digest, may cause diarrhea or vomiting.
    8, onions contain the toxicity of dissolving red blood cells, and can easily cause poisoning symptoms such as hematuria or anemia after eating.
    9, chocolate, can also produce toxic substances and cause diseases such as incontinence, spasm, and sheep madness.
    10, some dogs can cause diarrhea as soon as they drink milk. In such a situation, you can feed the dog with yogurt.
    11, puppies should not feed foods such as preservatives and pigments such as ham sausages, sausages, and fish silk.
    12, do not eat watermelon for dogs, other melon fruits should not be eaten as much as possible, which can easily cause diarrhea.
    . Pay attention to new dog breeding:
    1. The puppies just purchased can be immediately injected with hemogen or immunoglobulin to enhance the system.
    . Do not take a bath for the dog. After a few days after the dog, you should take a bath for the new environment and eat normally.
    . After home, you should control the amount of dog food, be lower than normal food, and slowly increase to normal food within a few days.
    . If the puppies who just bought back have any suspicious situation, please call to consult the doctor immediately. If you need to take your dog to the animal hospital for medical treatment as soon as possible, so as not to cause irreparable consequences.
    . The immunity of dogs
    If injection of dogs for dogs is the best way to prevent dogs and owners from staying away from malignant diseases such as rabies diseases. Dogs are also important to grow the health of dogs. After a few days of buying it, the dog should be immune and removed as soon as possible if you eat it normally. Recommend Intelway and counseling vaccine.
    1) Overview of domestic vaccines in China
    At present, large categories of large vaccines commonly used in domestic small animals are divided into two categories: domestic and imported vaccines. There are only individual brands of vaccines in domestic vaccines. It is a "Best" dog Pentae vaccine developed by the Veterinary Veterinary Drug Department. Among them, users reflect that the Heroes University Researcher Xia Xianzhu and other researchers. Domestic dog vaccines include seven -colored seedlings, five colors, and single seedlings.
    The quality of foreign imported dog vaccines is better than domestic vaccines. Among them, the quality of the Netherlands Intelvisal vaccine, the United States Fugao vaccine, and the Pfizer vaccine are better, and the clinical use is good.
    The imported vaccine is mainly six -united vaccine and rabies vaccine. Mainly prevent canine plague, small virus disease, hook -end spiral, infectious hepatitis, bronchitis, paranexical, rabies, etc.
    In many years of clinical observation of small animals, as far as the protection of dogs after vaccine injection, imported dogs hexae seedlings are better than domestic five -united seedlings.
    The protection of domestic five -combined seedlings for small virus disease in canine is not lower than imported products abroad, but the disease resistance of canine plague virus virus is still effective in importing six united vaccines.
    The regulations on dog breeding in my country should be vaccinated by rabies. The inoculation rabies vaccine is good for dogs, but also beneficial to the health of people who breed dogs. It is worth noting that rabies vaccination is best to choose single seedlings to ensure clinical effects.
    In puppies can be vaccinated after 50 days of age.如果选择进口六联苗,则连续注射3次,每次间隔4周或1个月;如果幼犬已达3月龄(包括成年犬),则可连续接种2次,每次间隔4周或One month; since then, the six -united seedlings are imported once a year.
    If selection of domestic five -combined seedlings, from the date of weaning (average puppies 45 days of milk break) continuously injection of the vaccine 3 times, each time the interval between 2 weeks; after that, the domestic five -combined seedlings were vaccinated once every half a year.
    The old -age dogs should be vaccinated once a year.
    2) The matters that the puppies should pay attention to before vaccination
    The puppies who reach the age of vaccine vaccination must be performed before the vaccination of the dogs, because only puppies with healthy puppies can receive vaccination.
    The physical health refers to the state of non -disease. The puppies' nasal mirrors are wet and cool, body temperature, breathing and heart function. Clinically, there are no symptoms such as increased body temperature, cough, sneezing, vomiting, diarrhea, diarrhea, dysuria, dry nasal mirror, and thick foot pads; Cause disease.
    It puppies, such as taking cars (especially summer), or coming to a complex veterinary hospital, their physical temperature will rise slightly due to tension. Under normal circumstances, the body temperature of puppies is about 38.5 ° C. Before the vaccination of the animal hospital, the body temperature at home is performed on the inside of the legs for 5 minutes. After the car arrived at the animal hospital, the veterinarian did not agree with the vaccine due to the body temperature exceeding 39.0 ° C.
    Puctant dog breeders, because of the experience of puppies dying in infectious diseases, after buying puppies, first injection puppies injected dogs, dogs, serum (dog plague dogs are small Virus antibodies) or canine plague, small virus single cloning antibody, and then vaccinated canine vaccines for puppies after 3 weeks. (antigen). Otherwise, the interval time is too short, which will cause antigen (vaccine) and antibody (serum) reactions, making the vaccine fail to work.
    3) The response of the dog after vaccination
    In general, after the vaccination, the dog will not have a large physical change. The second day after the vaccination is vaccinated Temporary phenomena will soon return to normal. If the dog is rash within 10 to 20min after the vaccine is injected, and even if he is weak, it is allergic. You should ask the veterinarian to rescue immediately.
    The clinically use imported dog hexal seedlings very few adverse reactions. For safety reasons, 10 minutes after the puppies were vaccinated, the owner should stay in the animal hospital to observe the puppies' reaction, and then leave the animal hospital without abnormal phenomena.
    I reminds the owner of the dog, do not put the dog on the ground when the puppy is vaccinated to the animal hospital. It is best to hold the puppies, or put it on a disinfected diagnostic table for a puppies for physical examination to prevent contact with the occurrence of infection.
    If infectious diseases occur about 7 days after the dog is vaccinated, it may be that the puppies are in the incubation period of infectious diseases during vaccination, or infected with the disease during this period, they should immediately receive corresponding treatment.
    In the page
    The puppies within 1 week of vaccination, do not take a bath for puppies to prevent inducing respiratory diseases and cause immunity failure.
    five, deworming
    In in vivo and in vitro, deworming, good reputation on the market, such as Duwu pills (internal internal), Fulan (in vitro), etc. Of course The price is relatively high, and the unit price is around 50 yuan, so I recommend that you use basic drugs to remove insects to dogs.
    The in vitro -pesticides sold by pet hospitals are all kinds of pesticides, but most doctors will recommend you to the drugs that are not crushed, more at 30 or 50 yuan, and the amount is very small.
    Once you find that the dogs with lice and fleas on the dogs must take measures immediately. Here I suggest that you use "eliminating the spirit" and dilute it. Kill the insect eggs and new lice, and use sulfur soap as a detergent, because sulfur soap can also kill fleas and lice.
    New details of details:
    1. Use diluted potion to soak the dog throughout the body, keep sulfur soap after a period of time, and then rinse after a period of time to ensure that the lice are poisoned.
    2, immediately blow the dog to dry the dog after the medicinal bath, so as not to let the dog lick the hair on the body.
    3. Try to dress as little as possible when bathing the dog, because lice will be crossed on people's clothes.
    The no medicine can destroy the parasites on the dog at one time, be patient, and pay attention to your own protection. site.
    I suggest that the price of your drug is cheap, 5 yuan/box (5), and it is a low -toxic product. My dog ​​uses this to remove lice.
    In 2 to March, puppies will have diluted phenomena, commonly known as "turning the intestines." This has nothing to do with the "salty eating" of folklore, and is an internal parasitic enteritis. It is generally caused by tapeworms, hookworms, and tapeworms, and is also caused by the bugs. Due to the thin intestinal cavity of puppies, there are relatively large number of parasites and other parasites. The individual is large, causing puppies diarrhea. Loss of weight, even severe spitting insects. Worms can be found in feces. Individual puppies can cause small intestine cases, or prolapse.
    The use insect repellent can drive the parasitic in the dog's body. Pepyate and levodazole are commonly used, orally, take 1 tablet every 5 pounds, once a day, and eat 3 days, which is effective for tapeworms, tapeworms and hookworms. Pitteriopyzole is effective for tapeworms, tapeworms, hookworms, whip worms and nematodes. Compound toluene gemazole (quick -acting bowel) is made of methalopyliopyliol and levicidoli hydrochloride. Two tablets are taken, but some dogs have blood in the stool for unclear reasons. Pepyone can treat tapeworm infection, and take 10 to 20 mg per kilogram of body weight.
    It: Pregnant dogs are best not to take methyl or "two tablets". If the parasites are driven, you can also choose to be destroyed (Evisin), one subcutaneous injection, and the dose is in accordance with the doctor's advice. Anti -tricles can choose to destroy the drops. Sulfa drugs can only prevent pomoscopy infection. Treatment of amino hydrochloride in the treatment of cursers.
    6. How to judge the health of the dog
    During the dog breeding process, we must carefully pay attention to the health of the dog, and find that the little guy has discomfort and seek medical treatment in time.
    1. Observing the diet of pets, usually sick animals will have loss of appetite.
    2. Pay attention to whether its excretion is different, including the number of times and the quality of the excrement.
    3. Observing the expression and behavior of pets as usual lively elves.
    4. Does the skin color of pets have hair and whether there is hair removal;
    5. Pay attention to whether its breathing is smooth and whether there is difficulty breathing;
    6. Check the pet's pet's pet's pet See if the body temperature is normal
    If you suspect that pets are discomfort, the most reliable method of verification is to take it to the veterinarian department for examination. If the pet is really sick, take more time to accompany him. The care of the owner is definitely a strong needle for the sick pet.
    Seven, dog's hygiene
    The dogs may have no disease after two months of birth, and they can take a bath after vaccination for one week. Because the dog has no sweat glands, it is washed up once a week in the summer up to 2 weeks, and it is best to once once every month. Take a bath for the dogs and do not use auspicious waves and ordinary people. Such detergents will destroy the pH value of the dog's skin and damage the skin of the dog. In addition to no stimulation of dogs, dogs have certain functions such as sterilization and anti -parasites. Note: If you are too diligent in bathing or is not suitable for detergent, it will cause dog's skin diseases. After taking a bath, you should blow dry immediately.
    In addition to bathing, using dog comb is often combed with dogs, and the dust and dirt on the dog's fur can also be removed, making the dog's hair color more shiny. Dogs' nests and sports venues should be cleaned frequently and disinfected with pet special disinfection agents.
    8. Training dogs to the toilet
    The new friends who have new dogs, puppies to urinate after arriving home, many people are often helpless. Ask your friends, find out online, you still can't solve the problem. Here I will tell you a stupid way, try it out.
    First of all, you better put the puppy in a separate small room. If there are no conditions, you should use a separate place to close the puppy with a separate place in the room. Restricting the scope of puppy's activity. Pay the newspaper on the ground where the puppy is located so that the puppy can only pee on the newspaper. Start leave the newspaper with urine first, and change the new newspaper in time. Next, gradually reduce the newspapers on the ground. First remove the puppies to eat and sleep nearby newspapers, and gradually expand the scope of the newspaper. After a period of restrictions, the puppy gradually used to solve the urination in newspapers.
    Then you can start training outdoors. You can bring the dog to the outdoor. You want to pee it on the newspaper to excrete it. If the puppy obeys it, you need to praise and reward it in time, so that you can quickly achieve the purpose of training puppies to excrete in a fixed place. This method is stupid, but my dogs are all trained like this.
    . The small pills of the dog
    (1) Surgical first aid
    BMBB oxygen: If it is a general skin trauma, use it to clean the wound first.
    Yunnan Baiyao: If the dog breaks and bleeds, he can stop bleeding for him first, and apply the medicine powder to the wound. If you bleed too much, you can take some dogs appropriately.
    D anti -inflammatory powder (sulfa crystals): This is a commonly used and effective trauma anti -inflammatory drug. It should be noted that it should be bandaged on the surface of the wound to prevent dogs from licking.
    Purple potion: use during the growth of wound skin.
    The erythromycin ointment: The wound recovery period can be used, and it can also be used in dogs with purulent skin diseases.
    Special reminder: If possible, you should also prepare some popsicles. If the dog is unfortunately fractured, the light, thin, and tough popsicle can play a role. Because the dogs are injured, their lively and active personality can easily make the injury more serious. At this time, parents can use a popsicle stick as a splint to temporarily fix the fracture. In this way, on the way to the hospital, the blood vessels, nerves, muscles and skin at the fracture is not easily damaged again.
    (2) Drug consumption of digestive tract
    polyase tablets, gastric protease tablets, composite vitamins: These medicines will greatly help the digestive and loss of appetite for dogs, which can effectively regulate the dog's gastrointestinal and intestines Function.
    Thisycin tablets: Some parents will be extremely anxious for dogs because of indigestion of vomiting and diarrhea. This medicine can play an important role when the dog diarrhea can play.
    Sipples: If the dog vomits, at this time, you can stop vomiting if you take the stomach.
    development treasure: usually gives dogs some supplements that can regulate gastrointestinal function, and can also prevent dog diarrhea.
    Ip: In practice, Mummy's love, intestinal life, Smecta and other drugs have a very good therapeutic effect on dogs' intestinal diseases.
    Special reminder: If dogs vomit and diarrhea are severe, they should still go to the doctor in time to avoid delay treatment.
    (3) Special medication
    Merotinicillin eye drops: essential drugs for the eyes can treat conjunctivitis and keratitis. Because the price is cheap, it can be washed without eye diseases to keep the eye clean. Especially for dog breeds such as Jingbao and Big Ge with big eyes.
    The vitamin E: There are often some vitamin E in small pills, which often eat some love dogs, which will make it "youth forever".
    Glycerin bolt: When a dog is constipated, squeezing into the anus is a very effective drug.
    This solution: When a dog is a man, you may find that there is always a slightly green gray pus in the foreskin. This is inflammation of the foreskin. It is often rinsed with a washed Bipai solution to help him get rid of the predicament.
    Phebaber: Some dogs have epilepsy, and they will develop every time. Taking this medicine for the dog before the attack will effectively control the condition.
    Special reminder: As the number of private cars increase, the number of people who take dogs to travel with their families will increase the history of dogs with a history of motion sickness. Because taking a sedative agent will interfere with the heat of the dog, it is likely to heatstroke in a high temperature, which is likely to cause death after taking it. Therefore, it is best to consult the veterinarian.
    The nutrition cleaning supplies: clean teeth stick, dog bite glue, beautiful hair oil or beauty powder, (do not always feed, have time interval, hormones), trace element nutrition powder, beautiful Kangbao BD tablet.
    In after reading the above content, I believe you should have a full preparation. What is the same here:
    1. Prepare a warm and comfortable nest for the dog, but do not place it in the bedroom.
    2. The dog may cry at night when the dog just arrives in the new environment, and it will wake up early in the morning, so you need to drain the dog's urine before going to bed every night, so that the dog will sleep more for a while for a while And prepare more food, not yell when it is hungry.
    3, Bomei, Beijing Bar, Malzis, VIPs, etc. are dogs who need to carefully take care of fur. After bathing, if you use distilled water with a sprayer, spray a thin layer on the dog's hair. Make the hair fluffy and look plump and beautiful.
    In I hope your dog is lively and healthy, bringing more joy to you and your family!

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