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  1. Rabies vaccine, hexagonal vaccine, dog plague vaccine, hepatitis vaccine, etc.
    Vacuuming time of the hexagonal vaccine: The puppies who are first vaccinated for the first vaccination for the first vaccination of the age of 50 to March, the muscle injection every 4 weeks, three consecutive times in a row; once, once a year. At the first vaccination, puppies (including adult dogs that have not been vaccinated) were vaccinated twice for the first time, including 4 weeks each time; after a year, once a year.
    Buchu's rabies immunity can not be protected for lifetime by immunity. It is necessary to strengthen immunity every year after the first immunity.
    The expansion information:
    The benefits of giving dogs vaccine:

    1. Only inoculation of rabies vaccine for health dogs can enable specific antibodies that can produce anti -rabies virus, Active neutralization and eliminating rabies virus in the invasion to achieve the purpose of preventing rabies.
    2, vaccines injected with acute infectious diseases of six dogs, including: canine plague, small virus disease, canine hook -end spiral disease, infectious hepatitis, infectious bronchitis, and adsorb fluid disease.
    The precautions after vaccine:
    It take a certain time for the vaccine to achieve the effect of the vaccine, so that the dog is naturally circulating in the body under normal circumstances, and the effect of the vaccine is better. If you bring the dog out to play, you will usually run violently, which is not conducive to the normal performance of the efficacy, because at this time the various physiological indicators in the dog's body are not in normal state.
    Reference information Source: Baidu Encyclopedia-Six Consisteel Vaccine
    People's Daily-Remember! Pets a rabies vaccine every year

    Baidu Encyclopedia-Pet Dog

  2. Regarding dog vaccine, many dog ​​owners still have some misunderstandings. For example, some people think that my puppy rarely goes out, or does not go out at all, and will not be infected. In fact, many viruses are brought from the mother when the puppy is born. Once the resistance is reduced, it will erupt, so even puppies who do not go out may get sick. Some people think that when raising dogs, where are there any vaccines and dog food, do you still raise well? In fact, as the number of dogs rises violently, infectious diseases are developing rapidly. It is not that the dogs are delicate today, but that the big environment of the dogs has become complicated and dangerous.

    The puppies just bought from dog traffickers have weak resistance, bad environment, improper care, and poor physical foundations. After arriving at home, you should first go to a reliable animal hospital to inject blood to enhance resistance. The effective time of serum is only 7 days. Do not let it go out in these 7 days, do not take a bath, dogs and owners do not touch other dogs. During this time, observing its appetite, urine, body temperature, mental state, nose humidity, etc., clamp the thermometer on the inside of the thigh for 5 minutes, 39 degrees or more is a fever. Puppies who have symptoms such as fever, runny nose, cough, and diluted symptoms should seek medical treatment immediately and must not delay.

    If your puppy has no abnormalities, lively and healthy, then congratulations, when it over 50 days, you can take it to the hospital to inject the first needle imported dog hexa vaccine. This vaccine can prevent the acute infectious diseases of six dogs, including: canine plague, small virus disease, canine hook -end spiral disease, infectious hepatitis, infectious bronchitis, and adsorb fluid disease. In the first year, you have to injection three times, each time the interval is 21 days, and then once a year in injection. The imported dogs hexal seedlings are good and the protection rate is high.

    Is when your puppy is full for three months, you should inject rabies vaccines for it, once a year. The inoculation rabies vaccine is the obligation of dog breeders, and it is also a content stipulated by the regulations of dog breeding.

    This virus is not a general disinfection supplies that can be killed, and small viruses of dogs are particularly stubborn. If you have puppies with infectious diseases in your family, no matter how disinfected at home, you should not raise puppies without immunization within half a year. Please do not rush to make up for your emotional losses with another puppy who has not hit all the vaccine. This selfish feeling will hurt it.

    It the next year when you bring it vaccine, you should be about one month before the previous year to avoid accidents when the previous vaccine is about to fail.

    In injection vaccine, in order to avoid being harmed by bad hospitals, please supervise the following points:
    1. Before injection Vaccine;
    2. Check whether the vaccine is expired, imported, and whether the nurse has injected all the medicinal liquid;
    3. The hospital should provide an immune record book and remind you that the time for the next injection;
    4. The vaccine should use the same brand, otherwise it may cause immune failure.

    If injection vaccines on time on time are the basic guarantee of puppy's life safety, and it is also the minimum responsibility of each dog owner

    1: Domestic Best 5 United 5 (Veterinary Station Station This is generally this)
    . The puppy is free for 45 days, and once every two weeks, a total of 3 stitches in the first year. This 5 couplet contains rabies vaccine

    2: Intelway 2 United 2, 4 couplets, rabies single seedlings (most pet hospitals are generally this)
    The first time: 4-6 Weekly shoot 2 union
    The second time: 8-10 weeks, shoot 4 union
    third time: interval 2--3 weeks, shoot 4 union
    Fourth time: another interval 2--3 Zhouju 4 -combined vaccine rabies single seedlings
    In future dog 4 couplet and rabies seedlings
    Price: about 70 pins

    3: Merriar 6 (some pet hospitals in France (some pet hospitals This is this)
    The first time: 7-8 weeks injection 6 union
    The second time: 11-12 week injection 6 union
    third time: 14-15 week injection 6 union Rabies single seedlings
    In the year, 6 couplets and rabies single seedlings each year
    Price: about 70, like Intelway

    The general domestic seedlings are indeed lower than the protection rate of imports, but It will never be equivalent to water as some people say. Generally speaking, people who are ineffective in domestic seedlings are to sell their imported seedlings, because the profit is higher

    Observe at home for 1 week, determine that health is going to vaccine, some diseases have a latent period

  3. The following information, please read patiently and carefully! Intersection It's all about the detailed answers to your questions and some of my personal experience! Intersection I hope there should be some help to you! Intersection Essence Essence Essence Essence Essence Essence Essence Essence Essence Essence Essence Essence Essence Essence Essence Essence Essence Essence Essence Essence Essence Essence Essence Essence Preventing and controlling dogs' infectious diseases Dogs of Dogs of Dogs: (including Easy Infectious Diseases)
    The first free: 5-6 weeks of puppies, vaccination of six-united seedlings or seven colors Free: After the first free for the first time, the vaccination of Liulian Miao or Qilian Miao
    Three -free: After the two weeks of exemption, the vaccination of Liulian seedlings or Qilian Miao
    : Vaccination twice a year (spring and autumn).
    The description: 1. Sixlon seedlings include: canine plague, small virus, infectious hepatitis, paranexical, infectious bronchitis, rabies; Hepatitis, paranesum, infectious bronchitis, rabies, ribbon -end spirals, rabies disease.
    It: Because the dog is the middle host and the end host of many parasites, it is also necessary to do a good job of prevention and treatment of parasites. Parasites are divided into two types: parasites and in vitro parasites. The most common parasites in the body are: tapeworms, hookworms, tapeworms, balls, and trichomonas. These parasites are parasitic in the intestines of the dog, and timely treatment is not dangerous for the life of the dog. The most common in vitro parasites are: mites, fleas, lice, and crickets. Most of these parasites are commonly affected by human and animals, so they should be prevented in a pet hospital in time. At the age of 20, puppies should drive intestinal worms. Most puppies have intestinal parasites, which are infected by the female dog through the placenta or milk. After the first deworming at the age of 20, once a month, it will be half a year. It starts every quarter every quarter, and once every six months after adulthood. After 5-7 days after the vaccine, you can take a bath for the dog. The letters in the Inteve Vaccine Dog in the label represent the representative: D - - canine plague virus; H - — hepatitis virus (including type of adenovirus 2); P -— fine virus; Pi - -auxil flu virus; R - -rabies disease ; L - - Hook end spiral, hemorrhagic yellow bile hook end spiral body.
    mobogen two -meal seedlings == PUPPY DP brown cover (seedlings) Diluent red lid (diluted solution)
    Liilian Miao == DHPPI dark blue lid lepto light yellow cover
    Qihe seedlings == DHPPI dark blue lid RL rabies two -meal seedlings (black cover)
    Water) (cats and dogs can be used)

    Ip: injection vaccine should strictly follow the immune timetable formulated by animal doctors. Premature injection of vaccine will not only guarantee health, but will destroy the effect of mother source antibodies , Show the opposite. The mother source antibody refers to the antibody obtained by the newborn puppies, cats and colostrum. The mother source antibody can ensure that they have resistance to the disease within a period of time after birth. When the mother source antibody disappears, they must rely on vaccines to make puppies and cats to obtain antibodies. Dutch Extravian Dog Epidemic ★ General method (safer, conservative): 6 weeks of age ━━ puppies.
    8 weeks .
    11 ━━ ━━ ━━ ━━ ━━ ━━ ━━ ━━ ━━ ━━.
    ★ The mother source antibody is good and there is no epidemic: 8 weeks ━━ ━━ ━━ ━━.
    11 ━━ ━━ ━━ ━━ ━━ ━━ ━━ ━━ ━━ ━━. The above is the first year's immunization procedure. In the future, the hexagonal seedlings rabies seedlings are injected every year.
    The on the market that can often hear fake Intelway vaccines on the Netherlands too much. In fact, as long as you know the registration logo, it is not difficult to distinguish the authenticity. Recognize Nobivac ?? Registration logo:
    1, whether the handwriting is clear. (Chinese labels on the powder bottle since 200808)
    2. See if there is a veterinary drug inspection label. (Since 20050 August, there are several signed anti -fake signs on the bottle cap)
    3, see if the powder bottle is vacuum. (The formal is vacuum, the non -vacuum is not invalid or fake)
    4, see if there is a crack in the powder. (Failive seedlings have cracks)
    5, see the color of the fusion and dissolve speed. (Extremely soluble, the color is red without precipitation)
    6, the bottle tag is not easy to tear off. (But the one -stained alcohol drops itself)
    Note: There is a type of Intelvisp with a Chinese tag on the market with a four -united vaccine. "H" in DHPPI (five colors) represents hepatitis virus, and also includes dog II gonad virus. The Chinese label is only annotated that it is "four -united vaccine", which is the same vaccine as the generally referred to. Prevention of canine plague, small virus disease, dog contagious hepatitis, auxiliary influenza, dog II adenovirus. It is the only Inteve vaccine in China that holds the approval number of the Ministry of Agriculture. PS: The bottle cap should be affixed with Chinese veterinary drug quality supervision and anti -counterfeiting signs. This is very important! Essence Essence Essence Essence Essence Essence Essence Essence Essence Essence Essence Essence Essence Essence Essence Essence Essence Essence Essence Essence Essence Essence Essence Essence Essence Essence Essence Essence Essence Essence Note: The puppies before 3 and a half months and all the vaccines are not in principle. In principle, it is best not to take a bath. Because the puppies' respiratory system is still very fragile at this time, if the cold causes a cold due to the carelessness of the bath, it is very troublesome for puppies. It is easy to turn into pneumonia in time. It is possible to endanger puppies' lives. During the vaccine injection, if the bath causes a cold and causes the puppies' physical resistance to decrease, it will cause immune failure, and due to the weakening of the virus itself, and the danger of life. So try not to take a bath during this period. You can choose to take a shower for the dog before the injection, and make sure that the dog does not have a cold and give the dog. If the dog cannot take a bath but dirty on the body, you can give the puppies every day to sort out the time, which will effectively remove the dust and other impurities on the body hair; Quality is also good; and diligent combing hair should be done as the owner itself; another way is to use pet -dedicated dry cleaning powder for cleaning body hair. It is also effective to remove the odor. Try it. After 10 days when puppies are full of 3 and a half months and completely vaccinated vaccines, they can start bathing, but there are a few points to pay attention to: 1. The bathing time is best to choose at noon. At this time , Suitable for bathing.
    2, water temperature must be at about 45 degrees, especially for puppies and female dogs in pregnancy.
    3, bathing in Satsuma must be used with a bath solution for white hair, diluted after adding water according to the correct proportion. It is strictly forbidden to use human shampoo or human bathing solution. Human products are too alkaline and hurt the dog's hair and skin.
    4. After bathing, you must fully blow dry hair. The specific method is to insert deep into the hair with your fingers. If the bottom hair is still moist, you must continue to dry. And lead to skin diseases. You can choose a high -power hair dryer (more than 1000W) for a special dog blower or hairdressing.
    5, bathing should not be diligent. Too diligent bathing will damage the acid -base balance of Satsuma skin, but it is easy to cause skin diseases. The correct approach is half a month in summer, once a month in winter.
    6. If the dog swims in natural rivers or seawater, you must take a bath.

  4. Wulian Six -Union vaccine and rabies vaccine.
    The five -united vaccine is relatively better. These two vaccines can prevent canine plague, small viruses of dogs, auxiliary influenza, canine adenovirus (type 1 and type 2), pupa end of dog hook end, etc. In general, the scope of the two is wide and cost -effective. Of course, in addition to these two types, there are other types of vaccines, such as the two couplets, the seven couplets, etc. As long as adult dogs meet the injection conditions, they need to be injected twice a year, at least not less than once. The gap between domestic vaccines and imported vaccines is not very large. You can choose as appropriate. The price of the vaccine is relatively reasonable.
    In addition to some conventional vaccines, rabies vaccine is essential. This must be injected once a year. Dogs bitter can easily transmit rabies to others, so you must do a good job of prevention.

  5. First of all, you must choose a regular pet hospital to inject vaccines for pets. Please note that the qualifications and qualification certificates of the hospital you choose. If you need to inject free rabies vaccine, you can only go to the designated rabies injection unit of the Ministry of Agriculture to inject!
    On the day of the vaccine, when you go to the hospital, it is normal for your pet to eat and drink for a week! If any disease occurs during observation, you cannot injected the vaccine! And the annual inspection ***! If the vaccine is injected the next year, please bring the certificate of immunization last year.
    The pet vaccine program In view of the scope of the vaccine injection, the veterinarian or every hospital will have different injection habits , But they are strictly implemented within the scope of the formation of immune map!
    1. Dog: Puppy 45 ~ 49 days old can start vaccine vaccine procedures:
    45 days-June-old puppy continuously continuously Inject three hexagonal, each time the interval is 2 to 3 weeks
    66 years of age to repeat two six units with the dog on the age of 2 to 3 weeks (your dog can inject it)
    Generally last last last Another rabies vaccine once in one injection of the hexagon.
    The first year of immunization is completed, and then once a year in injection.
    The validity period of the immune map is 360-365 days
    Pets can not be injected after a comprehensive body examination!
    because the vaccine is injected into the puppy's body and generates antibodies because the vaccine is inhabited by the virus, so it must be injected with the puppy in the case of ensuring that the pet's body is fully healthy, otherwise it will The consequences are unimaginable.
    During the pet vaccine, please do not take a bath at random, you should follow the doctor's order; during the vaccine, you will be hungry to minimize the outdoor activities or severe exercise of pets, and contact with other pets.
    The imports of dog imports: prevention of canine plague, small virus, dog contagious hepatitis, dog sub -flu, canine gland virus type Ⅰ. Ⅱ, dog hook end spiral
    vaccine process
    1. Vaccine pays, you can choose to pay at one time (some pet hospitals will give a certain offer for customers who pay all costs at one time). If you cannot be sure that you are injected in this hospital every time you vaccine, you can choose to pay every time! R! n2. The vaccine should be taken out of the refrigerator, and before the injection, the nurse should show you the vaccine and bottle cap (there are no stitches or traces of use).
    3. After the injection of the six united, the doctor will give you you Open the hospital's homemade vaccine card (book), which generally has basic pets on it. After the vaccine is injected, the marked sign of the vaccine brand will be pasted in the place where the labeling. Be able to know the vaccine brand that was injected in the past! Generally, when the vaccine is injected in the first year, you must use the same brand of vaccine to ensure the complete formation of the immune map
    4. After the injection rabies What should I pay attention to during the next injection time!
    5. Like other injections, please in the hospital after the vaccine injection is completed Stay for 5-10 minutes to prevent the vaccine allergies due to the difference in the body, the doctor is good to treat it in time!
    This is also a key to choosing a regular hospital. If there is any problem, there will be a guarantee of the manufacturer!
    Entical prompts
    It after the vaccine injection does not mean that the immune rate reaches 100%, generally only 80%, so try not to contact if the vaccine is injected after the vaccine is injected. Pets with infectious diseases !!!
    It as long as the regular hospital injection is a real vaccine, even if the pet injection vaccine occurs, viral diseases are normal!
    There will be antibodies in the body, so if any test strip test for pets during this period may be positive or positive, general veterinarians will have this common sense!
    In the vaccine injection, if it is not infected with infectious diseases, you must not be sure Injecting the blood, because it is also a biochemical drug, but it is conflicting !!!! It means not to use it with antiviral drugs at the same time!
    I we can see that puppies can be injected 6 in many materials. However, everyone must understand that there are many types of 6 couplets. In the past, many 6 units have no hook -end spiral body. Now the 6th Union contains hook -end spirals. So you can't look at 6 union.
    It Inteve's entered the country, 2 dogs. There are also 5 union, 6 union, 7 union and single crazy
    Here puppies can be injected with multiple combination vaccines:
    : 2: 2 union, 5 couplets, single mad, small dogs after 3 months before 3 months before 3 months, then 3 months later The advantage of playing 6 couplets is that single mad can guarantee the immune period of 2 years. The disadvantage is that one more needle.
    : 2 couplets, 5 unions, and 7 united dogs after 3 months.
    Chocked spiral body: Injecting within 3 months is not harmful to the puppy's body, mainly affecting the success rate of immunity. Sorry, it is the special immunity obtained after the vaccine.) It should be 95-98 %, but because your injection method is incorrect, the immunity you get will naturally be incomplete.
    Ilina: Prevention of spiral disease and infectious hepatitis of dog hook end.
    Ilina: Prevention of canine plague, small viruses of dogs, spiral diseases of dog hook end, infectious hepatitis, infectious bronchitis, and paranexical disease.
    Qi coupling; prevent rabies, canine plague, small viruses of dogs, pupa end diseases, infectious hepatitis, infectious bronchitis, and sub -fluid disease.
    Note: The dog's vaccine is the bacterial seedlings of various canine viruses and germs. The purpose of injection is to cause the dog to produce corresponding antibodies. However, before the antibody is normal, the dog needs very good physical fitness and thermal energy to resist the bacteria seedlings of these viruses and germs in the body. At this time, bathing for dogs will consume a lot of thermal energy and physical energy of the dog, so that the dog does not have enough physical and thermal energy to resist the vaccine and produce antibodies in the body. The vaccine injected into the dog's body will form a lesion in the body, causing the dog to get sick.
    If the dog is too dirty, you can take a bath after 45 to 50 days after the dog injection vaccine.

    The puppies should drive intestinal worms at 20 days. Most puppies have intestinal parasites, which are infected by the female dog through the placenta or milk. General intestinal parasites include tapeworms, hookworms, tapeworms, etc. The diseased puppies are loss of appetite, weight loss, delayed development; constipation or diarrhea, abdominal pain, vomiting, and abdominal circumference. Severe infections can cause severe complications and die. Parasitic infections of adult dogs are generally invisible, so even if there are no worms in the feces, insects should be repeated on time.

    The puppies for the first time at 20 days of deworming, once a month until half a year, starting every quarter every quarter, once every six months after adulthood.

    The deworming is recommended to use dogs and cats dedicated medicines, which is safer.

    I drugs of wire -driven bugs:

    . The "insect repellent film" produced by Youda Company in Taiwan, the effect is good, the side effects are relatively small

    2, "Levose", very cheap and practical medicine, sold everywhere, cost 10 mg/kg, orally.

    3. Demoded (噻 mekazole) 10--12 mg/kg, orally.

    4. Avinin, 0.2 mg/kg, subcutaneous injection (puppies should be doubled when used, strictly control the amount of usage).

    The medicine for excuses:

    1, pyramone, 5--10mg/kg, orally.

    2. Extinction (chloriditamine), 70mg/kg, orally, fasting for 12 hours before taking the medicine. Repeat the medicine once after 2--3 weeks.

    It, there is also a wide range of insecticidal pesticides "Ivechi" deworming effect is very good, but the side effects are relatively large, which is limited to the use of the dog strict use. (Corley Dog forbidden)

    The driven from parasites such as cordworms and heartworms needs to be performed until the doctor.

    In in vitro parasites are mainly flea, lice, etc., and the in vitro parasites can be used in French imported drugs "Fulan". There are two types of spray and drops. The effects are very good. , Puppies can also be used. In addition, there are domestic "insect extinguishing Ning" drops, the effect is also very good, and the quality is cheap. As for the flea -removing collar, it is recommended not to use it, because the toxicity is too high, a case of paralysis caused by the use of flea and cats has occurred!
    Stically deworming is an effective means to prevent internal parasitic infection. It can be taken or injected orally. At present, the method of deworming at the age of February after weaning is weaned, and it is synchronized with the first vaccination. Since then, the time of deworming is decided according to the physical examination, feces inspection and dog constitution.
    If attention should be noted that if the puppies occur seriously in enditis, you should first increase nutrition (such as infusion) and then deworm.

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