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  1. 1.最简单上口的名字rn这类狗狗名字是非常普遍的,比如:丁丁、当当、小白、豆豆、球球、熊熊等等,或是英文名字:Lucy,Jack, Coco and so on are all of this. The characteristic is that it is very good to call, and the dog is easy to identify and remember. The disadvantage is that it is very easy to regenerate.
    2. Naming the dog with the name of your favorite, prominent character or character
    The name of the dog with the name of the cartoon or the famous person, such as: the prince, the general), the general, the general Meiya (Crayon Shinko's mother), Xingba (famous little lion), etc., this type of name is quite individual, that is, if it is too complicated or not in the mouth, it is usually simplified during the process of use, such as the use of the process, such as Barton will finally be simplified into a pause.
    3. Name the related words of the dog's variety
    For example, the Husky is called Qiqi, the golden retriever is called Mao Mao, the spots are called a little bit, the joyful is called Lele or Titi, but it can be called Kaka and so on. However, this method of naming makes people feel too lazy, it is best not to adopt it. rn4.用自己喜欢的品牌的名字给狗狗取名rn比如:Honda、Mini或是cooper,法拉力等等,这种作法还是挺有个性的,只是可惜的是,几乎Everyone's brands are foreign goods, and no one seems to name the dog "Lenovo" or "Patriot".
    5. Name the pet dog with the name of the food
    , for example: buns, pudding, milkshake, cheese, millet, rice, etc. This name is still very cute. It's just that if you bring a dog called a popsicle to play outside, your dog is running around, and you call it loudly "popsicles! Blocks!" It is best not to get the name of the food sold outside!

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