1 thought on “How do pet dogs get their names?”

  1. Strange, obedient, victory, true, fake
    week, feed, giggle, haha, Fengfeng
    Mocha, kittens, side dishes, long hair, Xiaolin
    five kui, Xiaomo, Daqi, raccoon, Xiaoyan
    Xiaoyu, Xiaomei, Xiaofan, tiger n Shuaihu, Shan Shan, Miss, Fat Dun, Lingbao
    Prince, landlord, master, prince, general
    boss, boss, OJBK, Rick, Fengji n shirt, kaka, Wang, Wang Cai, Mumu, Blast
    Guoguo, sweetness, biscuits, huts, God
    Xiaoxi, friendship, Xixi, Neng, Lingyun n Nico, Pingping, Xi Xi, Xi Xi , Xiao Q, gentleman
    Zhu Li, Pengpeng, cute, Xiaoying, Lion King
    Rui Rui, Dingding, Dream, Philip, Tianwang n steamed buns, princes, Wangwang, Sisi , Catcher
    Silk prints, cats, Kor, Luther, Bobo
    wave dot, landlord, landlord, Shi Yuan n fat, Domi, silk, Qianqian , Luna
    Xiafei, Xiaoyi, Aron, Doudou, Xiaoye
    Xiaoci, Qiqi, Nika, Douding, Enzo n Deng Deng, Meow Meow, Xiaobai, Xiaobai , Tao Tao, Dog

    1, can be named according to the color:
    three flowers: ramen, flowers, Xiaoyi laugh, orange n white: small fear , Dabai, ice cream, Xueni, Xuezu, cotton, Xiaoyun, Bai Xue, Xiaoxin, Xiaoshitan toffee
    black: Xiao Mo, Night One, Xiaobi, Hehehem n Yellow White: Orange Orange: Orange Orange: Orange Orange: Orange Orange: Orange Orange: Orange Orange , Yangyang, Xiaoju, Huanghuang, Rhubarb, Aya, Zizhen
    yellow raccoon flowers: golden rings, cheese, Ruyi pudding, egg
    n: Dairy cows, jade pearls, Wuyun, ink, black pearl, Xiaomo dot
    These are named according to the color. Of course, you can not press color.
    2. Use food directly as a pet name
    It loves to eat "Wei Long" from an early age, then it is called spicy strips! The shoveling officer is a full food, and five cats are raised at home. Buns, steamed buns, roasted wheat, puffs, rice cakes. When I was a kid, I liked jelly, so it was called jam. The pet cat is called "Sprite", because the neighbor has a cat named "Cola".
    2. According to the appearance of the cat, what is thought of what is
    The leopard-the cat has its own leopard special effects, so the name of this domineering point.
    Tudou-looking at the back of the cat, it really looks like a potato.
    Elizabeth-if the cat is relatively cold, it is just a white hair, called "Elizabeth" is also very good.
    Uncle coal balls-you can imagine that cats must be black hair.
    This -if the cat's gorgeousness is frying -like food, it can be said that it can be said to be very clear.

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