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  1. The names suitable for dogs are as follows:
    1, two dogs. The name of the two dogs is very cute. This is a fashionable network language, which contains ridiculous meaning. It has a very silly and cute meaning. As the name of the dog, it reflects the cuteness of the dog.
    2, milk tea. Milk tea is a drink that modern girls like to drink. The taste is sweet and warm. This is also consistent with the character of the dog. The dog's coquettish personality also loves coquettish personality, which makes people love it. At the same time, dogs are very loyal animals. They can bring a sense of security and warm heart. A milk tea is also very nice to read. It has a soft feeling, which reflects the dog's cuteness.
    3, Wangcai. Wangcai is a classic dog name. Among them, Wang Zi has the meaning of prosperity, which can be full of good luck. The wealthy person refers to the meaning of wealth. A good fortune, a very auspiciousness, can bring good luck to the host and help the owner recruit money. Although this name is a bit soil, many young people pursue the soil to the extreme. They like to use this dog's name, which is also very nice to read.
    4, Dabao. From the point of view of Da Yuanbao, it is very fortune. Yuanbao is an important currency in ancient times. It is golden, which contains the meaning of auspicious and rich. It gives ingot as the name of the dog and gives the dog a cute characteristics to Yuanbao. At the same time, it also brings auspicious meaning to the owner. Refers to the master's fortune. The name is cute, which is very suitable for the name of the pet dog at home.
    5, bodyguard. Named bodyguards for dogs are very suitable for dogs. Many girls who live alone like to raise large dogs to accompany themselves to ensure their safety. Isn't this the same as the bodyguard. At the same time, this name also shows the dog's domineering, and when the host goes out, he can play the role of a bodyguard. It is very cool to read, it sounds good and good, and has a stylish feeling.

  2. If you want to give the dog a more foreign name, you can use English names, such as Mary, LISA, Linda, Bob, Lucky, Patt, Dick, Mike, Nick, Alice, etc.
    or the names in the anime or film and television drama as the name of the dog, such as the hepherds, Xiaoxin, McDull, Doraemon, Yixiu, Black Widow, Superman, Jack, Rose, etc.
    Dogs of dog name
    Flacks, slow, practicing, haha, warm, Momo, light, starba, fun, beautiful, music, cheese, onion cakes, intestines, intestines, intestines, intestines, intestines, intestines, intestines, intestines Powder, corn, soybeans, eggs, pudding, iron hair, stupid pig, Rira, green tea, biby.
    m, Dadong, Dada, Mocha, Xiaomu, Mo, Harley, Low, Angel, Pride, Lulu, Nike, Macau, Handsome Tiger, Auo, Nona, Nia, Ny also Gira, Rose, Burger, Hero, Aden, A -ddn, Five Kui, Fine, Tianwang, Agent, Xinzheng, Glass Ball, Hey, Shan Shan, Bubo.

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