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  1. After the dog is born with a puppy, the body is very weak. You need to maintain sufficient nutrition. You should pay attention to it:
    1. The bitch has just finished giving birth to a puppy. Bone soup, pork elbow soup, do not float oil, increase bitch milk.
    2. Pay attention to the problem of calcium supplement for bitches. Feeding of bitches will lose a lot of calcium, and feed some dogs with sheep milk chelated calcium.
    3, the bitch will have a stage of appetite after giving birth to a puppy, and you can eat less meals. Occasionally eat foods that bitches usually love. You can feed dog food for a period of time, and feed bone soup for a period of time to help the bitch promote appetite.
    4. When pet dogs give birth to 3 or 4 days, they can increase the dog's food, such as meat and the like. At the same time, it is necessary to use nutritional supplements such as nutritional cream to supplement various vitamins and trace elements. Dogs also have to exercise in an appropriate amount. Generally speaking, when dogs have about 1 week after delivery, the diet of the bitch can slowly return to normal.
    Tips: Normal baby dogs will find the nipples of the mother dog to eat colostrum shortly after birth. The sucking stimulus when eating milk will promote the secretion of female dog milk, and it also feels comfortable for the bitch. Therefore, after birth, let dog dogs eat colostrum as soon as possible, which is not only conducive to the secretion of breast milk, but also helps dog dogs get more colostrum and improve disease resistance.

  2. 1. Boy dogs cannot immediately eat dog food or other hard -stimulating foods after giving birth. You can try to give dogs glucose water or fresh chicken soup to help the bitch supplement your physical strength. Within 1 or 2 days after the dog is given, it is necessary to add drinking water for the dog's mother. At the same time, it is mainly porridge. You can add a small amount of meat.

    2. When pet dogs give birth to 3 or 4 days, they can increase the dog's food, such as meat, etc. At the same time, the dog mother must supplement various vitamins and trace elements for appropriate exercise. Generally speaking, when dogs have about 1 week after delivery, the diet of the bitch can slowly return to normal.

    3. After the dog is produced, you can also give it some fresh fish soup, and you can also choose some high -protein and are easy to digest food to feed the dog mother.

    The expansion information:

    The breastfeeding during breastfeeding:

    1. During breastfeeding period of the bitch, sufficient amount of milk is secreted every day, so you should gradually increase food The number of quantities and feeding to strengthen nutrition. Feed 3-4 times a day to drink enough water to drink at any time.

    2. In terms of nutritional composition, in addition to adding fine feed food protein and vegetables, it should also be properly fed the broth or Gudeng sheep milk powder. Some bitches, especially the lack of milk for the preliminary producing bitch, can try brown sugar or glucose water to feed dogs, and add vitamin C.

  3. During pregnancy and breastfeeding dogs, they need to provide nutrition for puppies, so they need to eat nutrients with nutrients. Generally, at this time, they can be replaced with high calories and easy digestive puppies.
    It the first month of the dog just feeds the Champions League dog food normally. From the second month, you must slowly increase the amount of feeding. In the last month, eat less meals. Do not feed without restraint. Even if the dog's appetite is very good, if you want to eat, you must control the appropriate amount of feeding. Do not let the dog grow too fat.
    When the dog is about to produce and starts breastfeeding, you can add some calcium nutrition to the dog to avoid calcium deficiency in the dog.
    mame, remember to take a dog to perform proper exercises every day, which is good for the dog's body, and it is convenient for it to be smoothly produced by then.

  4. You can supplement the dogs for calcium. The female dog during pregnancy needs to supplement a large amount of calcium, because the dogs and milk during the embryo period can cause a large amount of calcium from the body. Dogs are crispy. Generally, the mothers of breastfeeding must focus on calcium supplementation. Llaid will consume a lot of calcium, and she needs to be fed every day during breastfeeding.

  5. Eat some high calcium foods. Strengthen nutrition for big dogs, eat some egg yolks, and dog food is better. You can eat some bone soup. Note that it is best not to eat bones, puppies and big dogs, so that big dogs can take care of the baby, big dogs will help the babies defecate and urinate, because the baby will not urinate and defecate before opening his eyes. It is believed that stimulation or big dog stimulus can be photographed. Then there is a good way to eat colostrum and breast milk with big dogs.
    It is to pay attention to supplementing calcium for big dogs, because the big dog will lose a lot of calcium due to breastfeeding after production, which will paralyze the big dog production and reduce the symptoms of cold sweat. The fetal clothing was eaten by the big dog, and after production, drinking the big dog has some sugar water. You can buy some calcium tablets, calcium powder into dog food or feed separately. It is recommended to buy calcium powder better. Calcium powder can lick and eat it directly in the dog, or drink it in water. Easy to absorb.
    In selection of calcium powder, it is best to have a calcium phosphorus formula, which contains vitamin D ingredients, which can better promote the absorption of calcium.

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