1 thought on “How to feed Golden Retriever, pay attention in 4 aspects”

  1. First, feeding
    The golden retriever with healthy bloodlines, during the process of breeding, will be raised based on the health of the dog's bones. The standard is to be full of seven minutes a day, and do not drink too much water.
    The gastrointestinal system of the golden retriever is not very good, so some foods cannot be eaten for it. For example, the most common big ingredients, peppercorns, soy sauce, salt, MSG, etc. Deadly, do not eat seafood, it is particularly easy to cause dog allergies.
    . In terms of bathing
    , some parents particularly like to take a bath for the dogs, but they do not know that the dogs have a certain regular bathing. The first point is that you must pay attention to the dogs before taking a bath. The second point is that you must use the dog -dedicated shampoo fragrance waves. Do not use humans, because the pH value of the skin is different. Using human shampoos can hurt him. The third point is that when cleaning, you must follow the order of the body first, and be careful not to get the water into the dog's ears. In the end, this is particularly important. Be sure to blow the dog's body, otherwise you will have a cold.
    third, training
    If parents who want to have a dog with good habits, then they must conduct systematic training after three months old. Yes, you can help those experienced professionals.
    Fourth, vaccine
    Golden retriever puppies will be vaccinated on the 45th day, and various vaccines will be continuously used afterwards. Parents must not be troublesome. It is very good for dog health to be vaccinated in accordance with the instructions of veterinarians.

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