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  1. Golden retriever is fed 3 to 4 times a day, 2 to 3 times in 3 to 6 months, 2 to 2 years old, 2 or two times in the age of 4; feeding time can cooperate with your schedule time ; The staple food is mainly dog ​​food; it is necessary to take out to exercise frequently to improve the physical fitness; combing hair 1 to 2 times a day; prevent hair knotting and promoting blood circulation. How should golden retriever be fed? After the milk is broken, it will be fed 3 to 4 times a day after 3 months, 2 to 3 times in 3 to 6 months, 6 months to one year, and one or two times in the age of 4; feeding time can be Cooperate with your schedule, but you need to consider the time when you add dogs and urinate, clean pots, and washing dishes after meals; wash the bowl immediately after meals, so as not to cause the residue to cause pests or remaining food corruption. Take a bowl at the same time, so as not to use the golden retriever to treat the rice bowl as a toy. Golden retriever is fed three to four times a day after three months, two to three to three to three times, three to three times, six months to one year, one or two times one or two times. The feeding time can cooperate with your schedule, but you need to consider the time for walking dogs, urination, pots, and dishes after meals. Wash the bowl immediately after a meal to avoid the residue of the pest or the remaining food corruption. Take a bowl at the same time, so as not to use the golden retriever to treat the rice bowl as a toy.
    The amount of golden retriever is relatively large than ordinary dogs. It is recommended to buy professional dog food directly. Dog food is relatively balanced for homemade food, and it is relatively simple to feed. It only needs to be recommended according to dog food suggestions. Just feed and feed. Generally, feeding is divided by the body shape, and dog foods suitable for alloy hair size are purchased at the same time, such as buying puppies at a young age, and growing into dog food when they grow up.
    The golden retriever should often take out to exercise and improve physical fitness. If you do not exercise often, it will cause golden retriever obesity, and excessive obesity can easily cause various hazards. But generally do not take it out to run before 12 months old. At this time, the bones of golden retriever have not developed well, which will cause great pressure on it.
    The golden retriever dogs should not only keep the hair clean and clean hair 1 to 2 times a day, but also to prevent the hair from knotting and promoting blood circulation. It should be cleaned 3 times for the golden retriever dogs every week, and the sanitation of the ears, eyes, and anal glands should be cleaned once to ensure that the dog's body is clean and far away from the damage of the bacteria. In addition, it should be regularly bathing, repairing, and trimming toenails.
    Golden retriever should pay attention to cooling heatstroke in summer, avoid golden retriever heat stroke, and infect infectious diseases. Winter should do a good job of preventing cold and keeping warm to avoid getting cold and getting sick. In addition, parents should regularly remove insects for golden retrievers and in vitro, and regularly go to the hospital for physical examination and then perform vaccine injection to do a good job of prevention of infectious diseases such as canine plague and small infectious diseases.
    The golden retriever is a very obedient dog, but if you can train it from a young age, you can restrict the wrong behavior of it, especially it prefers barking. It must be corrected in time. It is essential to adapt to your family life in the future.
    If food
    1. Meat: Meat consists of animal muscles, muscle fat, muscle sheaths, tendons, and blood vessels. , Vitamin B2 and Vitamin B12 good sources. Feed golden hair dogs with such foods, with good palatability, high digestive rate, and rapid use.
    2. Fish: Fish are generally divided into fat fish and protein fish. Protein fish and including cod, catfish, small buns and Dabu fish, fat fish include catfish, catfish, sardines, small eels, goldfish, catfish, etc. The palatability of the fish is not as good as meat. I like to eat fish, and be careful not to be tied to the meat thorns when eating fish.
    3. Dairy products: Dairy products are also important for golden retriever, including cream, dehydration, milk, yogurt, cheese and butter. The milk contains most of the nutrients needed by golden retrievers, but iron and vitamin D are deficient. The palatability of golden retrievers is better. Generally speaking, no matter what kind of dogs, they prefer to drink milk.
    4. Eggs: Eggs are good sources of protein, iron, vitamin B2, vitamin B12, folic acid and vitamin A, vitamin D, but lack of nikinic acid. A good supplement to a golden retriever dog food.
    If attention
    1. Golden retrievers should regularly do prevent injection. In addition, the implantation chips and disease treatment are things that must be worried about the growth of golden retriever.
    . The amount of bone volume of golden retrievers is large, so the amount of calcium is very large during growth. Avoid the deformation of bones and legs. Special pet calcium and vitamin AD pills can meet the needs.
    3. Golden retrievers should not take a bath frequently. Frequent bathing will hurt the hair and skin. It is appropriate to once every 1 month in summer (except the cold), and it is advisable to once every 2 to 3 months in winter.
    4. Golden retriever feed mainly to sort the thick back hair of the golden retriever. Essence
    5. Golden Retriever does not need to be cosmetic, often trim the soles of the feet and cut toenails, and maintain the cleaning of the ears and eyes daily.
    6. The proper exercise of the golden retriever is favorable for bone development, but pay attention to avoid moving on the grass to prevent parasites. At the same time, dogs are prohibited from sniffing the feces of other dogs, because most virus sources are transmitted through feces.
    7. Golden retriever should prevent bite bite to prevent foreign bodies and poisoning, and prohibit fed dogs.
    8. Proper sunlight of the golden retriever is beneficial. Lack of sunshine will cause pigmentation (such as fading nose). The sun can increase pigment, supplement calcium, and kill viral mites to prevent skin diseases.
    9. Golden retriever is susceptible to arthritis and osteoporosis, so do not let your dog sleep in a cool place, pay attention to winter climate change to prevent cold and fever and respiratory diseases.

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