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  1. Golden retriever is a well -known, powerful, and lively dog ​​species. It has a stable personality, coordinated and reasonable in all parts of the body. Golden Retriever is one of the earliest stray dogs. It is also the most loyal and friendly family friend. It can be trained as a good guide dog. Generally, it does not bite people. It is a good partner dog. The master is close, and the common way of use is to wash his face with saliva. Regardless of whether he has a brushing, the fate of golden retriever and children is very deep. It can get along with children friendly and be happy to play.

    The golden retriever is actually very easy to raise. The 2 -month puppy has just begun to adapt to soft food, and the body grows rapidly, especially the bone part. 3 months can gradually add an appropriate amount of dry food (such as dry dog ​​food) to help promote the growth of teeth and gums. During this period, puppies have poor resistance, incomplete skeletal development, and their own immune system has not yet been perfect. Therefore, pay special attention to diet, drinking water, exercise and rest.

    4 ~ 6 months of golden retriever puppies, height and weight will usher in the first peak period (bone). During this period, pay more attention to the grasp of the amount of exercise. It is best to divide it into three times a day. It is better to carry out one hour after meals. During this period, the puppies will have tooth loss. The owner can pay attention to observation. If the puppies show poor food or have no appetite, they can mix some soft foods (such as canned food).

    7 ~ 9 months of golden retriever has entered an awkward period, and it is also the stage of the second peak rising period (fur). The amount of food is much more than before, and the amount of exercise is much increase. If calcium has begun in the second stage, the amount in the third stage can be appropriately increased. During this period, it mainly grows its own fur. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the fur of the fur of no less than 30 minutes per day can also be fed. You can be surprised to find that the hair on it will become dense and soft every day. The growth of fur also means the improvement of various organs of the body and mature performance.
    The golden retriever puppies do not require too much exercise, especially when the weather is hot. The best sport of puppies is to let it run freely on the grass. Golden retriever likes swimming but must gradually let it get used to water, it is best to follow it with it. Golden Mao Xunxun Hunter is twenty -one months old even if it is a dog. Remember it is a hunting dog, to be appropriate outdoor sports, as well as appropriate food and care.
    The golden retriever is docile and suitable for home support. Whenever you go home from work, golden retriever will rush over when you hear the sound of your door. Wash your face, then shook your head and turn your head around you, waiting for you to give it delicious.

  2. For the newly born golden retriever, it is best to drink breast milk. If you do n’t have breast milk, you can choose to feed with goat milk powder. After adulthood, the dog food is fed according to his usual amount of rice.

  3. First of all, you must put on the place where it sleeps. You must put a cushion, take a bath for three or two days, and go out to exercise frequently.

  4. I personally think that it is a relatively good dog. When choosing dog food, you must pay attention to choosing the right dog food, and to clean the dogs regularly, and regularly give the dog vaccine.

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