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  1. How do you take beautiful and unique photos for your pet? Although there are cute photos of dogs and cats everywhere on social media, you can raise pet photography to a new level, but this is very simple. In this article, you will learn five methods to create incredible and unique photos for your pets. These techniques will let you capture your beloved cat or dog's unforgettable photos while retaining beautiful memories.

    1. Maintaining the same level as the pet visibility is that when pet photography is performed, what is important is that your camera maintains the same level as your pet.
    Many times, pet photographers are shot from an upright position. Although this can sometimes work, it usually leads to a favorite pet portrait. This is because the ground has caused unpleasant background.
    Conversely, squatting, kneeling or lying in front of your pet, so when shooting your pet, you should lower.
    . With a wide -angle lens, no matter your device, you can capture the beautiful image of your pet. However, using a portrait lens in the range of 50-85mm is very standard.
    If you want a unique image, switch it and pull out your wide -angle lens.
    has such a lens, and the opportunity is endless. You can shoot environmental portraits and show off your pets in a stunning environment.
    or you can show your pet with your eyes closely. You wo n’t make an error with a wide -angle lens. You will shoot beautiful pet portals.
    . How did you catch this cute posture for the dog?
    The food on the camera and let the dog sit down, so that there is no other prompt to put this posture. The pet raised his head to follow the food. Pet eyes begging.
    If you want to take a special photo for your pet, the cute posture is a good choice.
    . Many pet photographers close to pets often capture the entire pet. But for different images, try zoom in and approach. Focus on a small part of pets: head, eyes, nose or teeth.
    The images obtained are both intimate and unique. You will capture the beautiful details of pets, and you will make more artistic and aesthetic images to create intimacy in your pet photography.
    5. The last unique pet photography technique of the captured tongue: capture the pet's tongue.
    people often strive to create their pets' static, formal image. These are good, but sometimes you want to relax. You must not only depict the physical characteristics of pets, but also depict the personality of pets.
    This is the tongue of pets.
    This requires a lot of waiting and observation. I suggest waiting for the dog to yawn. When the pet's mouth opened, the tongue stretched out and pressed the shutter.

  2. Take creative pet photos require us to capture the interesting moment of pets in time, which requires our meticulous understanding and observation of the pet's micro -expression.

  3. Dogs also have their most moving moments, that is, when they show their tongue, there are crooked heads. What I said here is not necessarily when they yawn. If such a moment can be captured, it is very interesting. In addition, the crooked head, if a dog with a dog at home, should resonate, because at the moment of inadvertent A crooked, showing a particularly naughty and very cute state, grasping these two moments, can make our photos more vivid.

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