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  1. The first Chinese pastoral dog
    The Chinese pastoral dog is a Chinese breed, which is similar to the wolf and a docile personality. The Chinese field dogs are easy to raise and have high loyalty. They are the most common dog species for hunting or rural home care homes.
    Shiba Inu
    Huhu, also known as "Jungoli Dog", has a sensitive sense of smell, strong guardian awareness, loyal personality, and obedience. It is a very good partner dog. Shiba Inu helps the owner to see the home nursing home, like barking, and the quiet family is not suitable for breeding.
    Akita dogs
    Akita dogs are mountain hunting dogs, strong bones, strong muscles, mighty bravery, and strong sense of responsibility. Akita dog is loyal and simple, clean and friendly, suitable for family breeding.
    Golden retriever
    is a variety of dogs that are more modern and very popular. It is well -proportioned, powerful, lively, expressive, enthusiastic, pilot, confident, and not afraid of raw. The mouth is very soft when the titles are. Golden Mao retrieved dogs have a strong swimming ability and can return the prey to the owner from the water. It is also a loyal and friendly family friend, and can also be trained as an excellent guide dog. It is not very difficult to raise a golden retriever. Although I like sports, it is not as energetic as Husky; although it is necessary to comb in combing, it is not as troublesome as Gu Mu. Adults can be controlled.
    Bagu dogs
    The Bagu dogs are commonly known as Haba dogs. Its body is small but very strong and compact. According to statistics, its average life expectancy is generally about 13-15 years old. The Bagu dogs are cheerful and emotional. They like to contact their family and play with their children. They do not need too many outdoor activities and are very loyal to the owner. Moreover, the Bagu dog is still a very self -esteem pet dog. When the Bagu thinks that they are correct, they will argue with the owner and express their dissatisfaction in their own way. The Pay dogs particularly hope to get the care and care of the owner, and they also need enough care and care for the owner. So it is especially suitable for breeding rooms.

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