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  1. Generally speaking, dog vomiting is caused by gastroenteritis. If the dog is not treated in time, it will die. It is recommended to go to the pet hospital in time to take a look

  2. Many dog ​​-raising friends will encounter dog vomiting. There are many reasons for dog vomiting. It may be because of some minor problems, or they may be seriously ill.
    1. Parasites. The common cause of vomiting of dogs is parasites in the body, destroying gastrointestinal health, causing indigestion and vomiting!
    2, indigestion, dogs are too urgent, too greasy, too full, and too mixed, can cause gastrointestinal discomfort, gastrointestinal burden, vomiting, and reducing gastrointestinal burden.
    3, food poisoning, food poisoning mainly refers to the dogs eat toxic foods or expires, expired, deteriorated, unclean, and germs contaminate food, which will also cause severe vomiting reactions.
    4, acute infectious diseases, small, canine crown, and canine plague will be accompanied by vomiting and diarrhea. The shoveling officer of the dog has to pay attention to prevention.
    5, internal organs, early in the early stage of dog pancreatitis and kidney failure, vomiting will occur, and the owner also needs to pay attention.
    6. The stomach is stimulated, and the dog's stomach cannot be stimulated. For example, if you eat spicy and greasy, cold foods, a cold with a cold can also cause (gastrointestinal discomfort) to vomit and thin!
    Is when dogs vomit, you can try:
    1. Fasting, dog vomiting indicates that the gastrointestinal discomfort or indigestion should be used to avoid secondary vomiting and diarrhea.
    2, conditioning the gastrointestinal, dogs can feed some pet probiotics when vomiting to help digestion and absorption, conditioning the gastrointestinal and intestines of dysfunction, and vomiting can be improved.
    3. Do a good job of prevention. If you pay attention to keeping warm, deworming vaccine, and regular feeding, you can prevent dog vomiting and prevent repeated vomiting.
    4. When the dog is vomiting in time, 80 % of the food poisoning and acute diseases are needed to be sent to the hospital for medical examination.
    5. Pay attention to the light diet and digestion, vomiting through the dog's stomach and a half and a half will be worse, except for feeding probiotics and care for health care. In terms of staple food, you should also choose light and digestible dog food to prevent and improve the symptoms of vomiting of dogs!

  3. First, you have to observe what it is vomiting. If it is just a food that has not been completely digested, then there are several possibilities: the food is not good for digestion, too strong or too much; if it is eaten for a while and has digested food, there are these kinds of these kinds Maybe: Food is not hygienic, food is not suitable for dogs (such as milk, a lot of materials contained in milk are unable to digest and accept the stomach of the dog, which will cause them too much gastric acid secretion) The utensils are unhygienic, dog digestion digestion There are problems in the system, too many parasites in dogs, and so on.

    . You must carefully remember the time of each vomiting. If it is too frequent (usually more than 2 times in a month can be regarded as frequent), then there must be a problem. The hospital checked it carefully. If you have any problems, treat it as soon as possible.
    . It is infected with germs, such as: small germs, dogs warm, enteritis, and so on.但只要它不是经常呕吐就大可放心,因为狗狗也有清洁自身毛的习惯,在它们梳洗时会舔食进一些毛,这些毛一部分会排出体外,也有一部分是积聚在它们的胃里,而When the amount of accumulation is more, the vomiting of dogs will be formed.

    During vomiting at the same time, you have to observe the color and form of the vomit before you can let the doctor know what the dog is. Stick, stick to the cream that is like a tubo puff, or the cream added when drinking ice coffee, and it can be picked up when it can be pulled. The problem, such as the esophageal foreign body (food is stuck in the esophagus, is usually the majority of bones), or the congenital disease of the heart -permanent right artery bow, which can be learned by the doctor's examination!

    1. If you spit out food, and eat the food back immediately, it will be okay. Such vomiting belongs to physiological vomiting, that is, similar to anti -vomiting. Such vomiting does not have to look at the doctor.

    2. If the color of the vomit is transparent or sparse, this is the gastric juice, that is, the gastric acid secreted by the gastric secretion. It is normal after vomiting. You can not see a doctor first. Just fast for 12 hours. If the vomiting continues, it depends on the doctor, because it may also be a problem of gastrointestinal tract obstruction, etc. Is the vomiting caused by kidney problems or pancreatitis!

    3. If the color of the vomit is yellow, yellow and green, it means that the bile is spit out. It usually sees vomiting of this color. It depends on the doctor! Because this represents a lot of situation, in addition to the above -mentioned liver, kidney, pancreatic and other problems, there are also gastrointestinal ulcers! There is also a condition that spit it out of It happened before eating, and the dogs were normal all day after the vomiting. This is the color of bile vomiting syndrome. If the color of vomit vomit vomit is brown, not the color of feed or food, but the color of the gastric juice is brown. This means bleeding from the stomach. The most common is gastric ulcers and duodenal ulcers!

    4. If it is bright red, then don't hesitate anymore. This is acute bleeding. Quickly send it. Medical! Overall, although dogs often look at nothing after vomiting, in fact, except for physiological vomiting (anti -刍), it is best to take it to the hospital. It, but if you think it looks good and does not take it to the hospital, it may change from simple inflammation to severe ulcers or bleeding, but it is uncomfortable at that time, but you are uncomfortable. Love dogs!

  4. Pay attention to the situation of dog vomiting. After all, there are many reasons for simply vomiting. My dog ​​(at first heart) was vomiting and not eating, and the mental head was not good. The surgery was operated, and the courses with several courses were also better to take several courses.

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