4 thoughts on “Can the dog's nails be cut? How to cut my nails for dogs?”

  1. The owner needs to cut his nails on time, otherwise the dog will deform your feet because he cannot walk normally. Breeding dogs require the owner very meticulous, whether it is from their hair or nails, they must take care of them properly. Dog's nails are different from people. The dog's nails are distributed with blood vessels. A little carelessness may cause dog bleeding, so you must be careful when cutting your nails.
    . Prepare the nail cutting tools
    We before we cut your dogs, we must prepare the tools. The tool is best to choose a hollow sickle -type pet -type pet nail knife. Different, the model of the nail knife is also different. In addition, there are polishing tools after the completion of the construction to avoid dogs or owners scratched by nails. The larger dogs need two people to complete the work together. One person to soothe the dog's emotions, and the other person is responsible for cutting my dogs with nails. Those who appease the dog can fix the dog's head with their arms to prevent the dog from hurting themselves or the owner when struggling. It is best to prepare some soothing snacks for dogs, which can help transfer the dog's attention.
    . Pruning length
    The blood vessels in the dog's nails. The length of our trimming must be appropriate. Do not exceed the blood line. Dog's nails are generally divided into two parts, part of which are white and the other is red, so the bloodline is very distinguished. If the dog's nails are darker, the owner must be grasped by himself. Remember not to trim too short.
    It people think that dogs do not need to trim nails. After all, many Chinese rural dogs raised in rural areas do not need to take care of it so meticulous. It seems that there is never the saying that it has cut nails. This is because the Chinese pastoral dog often runs outside, and their nails often rub on the ground, so you don't need to trim it at all, but the dogs raised at home are completely different, because the ground at home is relatively smooth, dogs’s dog’s If the nails cannot be polished, the owner must be trimmed.

  2. Dog's nails can be trimmed, because this can make the dog grow better. You can buy some professional nail tongs to trim the nails for dogs, and in the process of trimming, do not trim your nails too short.

  3. You can cut your nails, you need to prepare the tools you need to use in advance, learn to soothe the dog's emotions, try to divert the dog's attention, pay attention to the length of the dog's nails, and the trimming situation.

  4. Yes, you can send the dog to the special pet shop to cut your nails, or fix the dog in one place, and cut it with a suitable nail knife.

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