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  1. First, we can start with its feet. Because we are not good at starting from our body, we are not skilled, so we have to experiment from its claws. We must pay attention to the length of the feet, and the hair between its toes. The cutting wool bought at home.

    It will not hurt the dog, so we can rest assured when we use it. Don't stick directly to its feet, this may be gone at all. So we must leave a little bit. You can choose a comb, and cut it off when you raised it with a comb. Each dog can repair a shape of its paws. If we can repair it well, then we can start from it.

    The second, we start to build from the fur on it, because the dog's fur is generally loose and the elasticity is relatively large. For us, don't pull hard, it may make the cat we pick up less flat and look less beautiful. And if it is hard back and forth, it may hurt its skin, which is also very bad for it. It is recommended to use it when cutting hair. A tablet combs from bottom to top combed.

    keeps a certain length, and then shave it off directly. We better not choose to use scissors. If you use scissors for the first time, it may be like Not so good. And for a long time, it is not so patient for dogs. When shaving the dogs themselves, we must use a comb to help, and we may not have so well. If you hurt your bones, it will not be good.

    Third, we have several places to pay attention to. One is that the dog's ears may be more sensitive. We first need help when repairing. Then there is the hair of the ears if it is not repaired well, and may be a parasite or an inflammation of the ear in the summer. So we can repair it for a period of time. Another sensitive place is its ass. To the dog, the hair around the buttocks must also be repaired. So in order not to contaminate so many bacteria, we must repair the hair around the ass. It can be repaired every two or three months. Even if many dogs who don't want to repair hair in summer, we want it. Give it a slightly fix the hair around your ears and buttocks.

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