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  1. Disinfected with 84 disinfectant, grapefruit or vinegar and other deodorant, safe and efficient deodorization. Open the windows during the day to ventilate, wipe the ground with a drip disinfection, and pave the dog urine pads on the balcony at night. There are all in the pet shop.
    Puke the dog's diet. After finding the dog's urine, shoveling officers should be adjusted appropriately in the dog's diet. Dog food is used as a staple food, and then feeds some natural grains containing cellulose and vitamins. Usually, it will feed more fruits and vegetables, and add more water; pay attention to keeping the diet light.

    The expansion information:
    The breeding method:

    The dietary principles of pet dogs are fixed, quantitative, quality, fixed, fixed -point, and temperature.
    The timeliness is to select feeding time according to your own dietary needs. Once the feeding time is determined, feed regularly every day, and you cannot change at will, so that pet dogs can build conditional reflection. Quantitative is to control the amount of pet dogs. It is advisable to not be hungry or full. It is equivalent to the seven -point or eight fullness of people.
    The quality is to ensure the diet quality of pet dogs, including clean drinking water, safe food, nutritional balance, etc. The food of pets is mainly divided into two types, one is to buy professional dog food, one is leftovers and leftovers, and 2 kinds of foods can be. It should be noted that you cannot feed mildew foods, you can not feed them. Chocolate, onion, garlic, chicken bone bone, pork bone, shrimp and crab and other foods cannot be fed or unprepared foods.
    The number of daily diets of pet dogs is fixed, and adult dogs can be fed once a day in the morning and evening. The number of young dogs can be 1 to 2 times. The fixed point is to fix the dietary location of the pet dog. The fixed temperature is that the food of pet dogs must have a certain temperature. It should not be too hot and cold. Give warm food in winter.

  2. Take the dilute concentration of 3%hydrogen peroxide, a small soda with a cup, and a tablespoon of non -lubricating dishwasher. If the dog's body size is relatively large, we can use twice the amount to ensure that we can apply through the dog's whole body. Put these materials in a container that is easy to use.
    before applying for the dog, we better put on rubber gloves. It is best to soak it in warm water for a while. Apply these solvents on the dog's fur, and then scrub it, as if taking a bath for the dog. Be sure to apply solvents to the dog carefully until this odor disappears completely from it. However, we should be more careful about dog's eyes, ears, and noses, because hydrogen peroxide will have a little damage to these parts. Therefore, especially when we apply solvents around the dog's eyes, be careful if the dog is covered with solvents, then we must keep it at least five minutes. During this time, we can stay there by giving a reward to stay there quietly. Many dogs are scared because of the smell of the body, so we should not blame them or yell towards them.
    Five minutes, we can rinse the solvents with warm water. If the dog is dark hair, then we can also apply some hair brighter to it. Under the influence of hydrogen peroxide, the dog will go through peeling once, and it will no longer emit odor.

  3. The dog's mouth has odors, most of them because the owner did not clean the mouth for the dog. Therefore, the owner needs to clean his teeth regularly and choose a dog's toothpaste for brushing your teeth, 1 or 2 times a week.

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  4. Hawthorn can remove the bad breath of the dog, and the body odor can only take a bath^_^(It is best to give the dog with pet bath solution)

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