4 thoughts on “The taste of dogs at home is particularly large. Is there any good way to deodorize?”

  1. Many dog ​​breeding owners have said that since raising dogs, the family has a dog smell. This is normal, because the dog itself has odor, coupled with the reasons of dog excretion, it is naturally more smelly.
    Clenecasically cleaning the dog's excrement every time after the dog is excreted, so as not to stay at home to prevent the taste from being excreted in the same place. Usually, it is best to eat some dog food with high dietary fiber, which is convenient for forming, which is conducive to cleaning and cleaning.
    The white vinegar mopping the ground. The owner can choose to mop with white vinegar to mop the floor. The deodorizing effect is much better than the white water mopping the floor. After all, using white vinegar to mop the ground can help sterilize and remove odor. The proportion of white vinegar against water should not be too high, otherwise it is easy to destroy the paint surface. In order to remove the odor, the lacquer surface was removed.
    Apple cider vinegar
    vinegar is a very good thing. In addition to playing the role of softening the cardiovascular use, it can also play a role in disinfection and sterilization, and remove the odor. Apple vinegar sprayed in areas that need to remove odor, which is particularly effective for eliminating dog urine.
    The apple cider vinegar has no effect on pets and people. It is also a good way to use humidifiers to steam and disinfect vinegar at home. You only need to open the window to disperse the vinegar flavor to remove a lot of money at home. Slice.
    The air fresh agents can also choose some air fresh agents on the market, which can also help remove the odor. The air fresh agent will hurt the dog, and it can also open more windows and ventilate, so that the odor is blowing away.
    It, in the sultry summer, some of the dogs of the dogs and dandruff are absolutely unacceptable after being fermented. What does this taste similar to?
    If you have to have a metaphor, it should be the same stinky socks that roommates play basketball every day but do not change. The taste is simply embarrassing!
    Only, if the smell of the shovel officer's house is not handled well, it will cause great trouble for ourselves or other people. This is why we should always pay attention to family hygiene at all times!

  2. (1) Take a regular bath. Pets live with us every day. The taste emitted on the body has always affected the owner. Most of the owners often use the fragrant shampoos to help the dog to remove the smell of the dog, but the results are limited, but the results are limited, but the results are limited. Essence
    (2) Clean the calculus regularly. The decrease in antibacterial antibacterial in dogs will also easily invade the dog's body and harm the dog's body in the long run. In fact, as long as the owner helps to wash your teeth regularly every two years and effectively control the dog's dental stones, the dog can have a good breath.

  3. 1. Clean frequently
    The sweeping every day (it is more convenient to have a vacuum cleaner), and then spray (disinfectant), and finally wipe!
    2. Let dogs develop the habit of outdoor urination
    Especially in summer, after the dog's immune period, try to let it defecate outdoors, control diet and water, do not have urine at home!
    3. Frequently disinfection for dog nests, cleaning the dog's nest

  4. First of all, raising dogs should take a regular bath for the dog, and we can use some bath gel that removes odor, or soap to help the dog bath, and we can spray some air fresh agents

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