5 thoughts on “When a pet dog is fighting, how will the owner get more secure?”

  1. There is a research statistics that there are more and more people in big cities in big cities. This is a trend. The rhythm of urban life is too fast. Everyone is working hard to work hard. When returning home, it needs warmth. The role. People who raise pets like to smash their money on their pets. Some pets even eat better than people. This is an incredible thing in the past. With the increase of pets, it will inevitably cause a certain dispute. For example, it is normal for two pet dogs to fight in the community. So how will the owner get more secure?
    . Protection measures
    The first thing I want to emphasize is the most important safety. Even if your pet has been vaccinated, you dare not guarantee that the other party's pets have been vaccinated. It is not necessarily guaranteed that there is no virus existence. At this time, we have to find some sticks around us to separate pets. We must know how to protect ourselves. If you have professional tools, it is even better. Once you are bitten by a pet, you must remember to get vaccinated to ensure that it is foolproof.
    . Food
    We we know that food can attract pet's attention. If you bring some foods with you, throw it next to it. Separate pets and don't let them contact again.
    . Seeking the help of others
    If you are unbearable, you must seek the help of others, or you can call the police call to let the uncle of the police deal with these issues. They have certain professional knowledge, they More than you know the contradiction between pets. However, the person who is most familiar with pets is you. It is best that you can call some of the usual intimacy and let your pet realize that the owner is calling it.
    In general, safety is the first place. I hope my answer is helpful to you! Thank you ~

  2. Don't catch the dog's collar, don't enter the dog's bucket alone. If you have only one person, try to yell first, and see if you can't scare the dog. If you can't, find someone to ask for help.

  3. When intervention is to divert their attention, this is the key, using food to attract their attention, so that intervention is also safe

  4. The owner can use a wooden stick, and then pull the two dogs away. Such an intervention will be safe. Do not get involved with your hands, otherwise you will be bitten.

  5. When the dog is fighting, at this time, the owner must not touch them with his hands. At this time, you can use a bamboo pole or a stick to separate them. This is the most secure way.

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