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  1. Yes, dear, because pet goat milk powder has only developed in recent years, coupled with the development space of goat milk powder, many dairy companies have added to the sheep milk powder industry. Miscellaneous, instead let a lot of pets do not know which brand of goat milk powder to choose. In fact, you need to choose a sheep milk powder brand for puppy dogs. You can refer to the suggestions mentioned below;
    To choose a well -known brand with good reputation, well -known and well -known brands, it must be better in terms of product quality, more assured to use it;
    It, it depends on whether it has just been weaned or a few months In the case of small milk dogs, you can choose some dedicated goat milk powder for small milk dogs and high -milk brands. The special and quality goat milk powder is highly professional. , Can meet the nutritional needs of puppies. In this case, the brand that can be recommended or individuals to go to goat milk powder is Gu Deng or MAG. Compared with a good brand, you can learn about it;
    In finally pay attention to feeding lamb milk powder for small milk dogs, The problem of the amount and brewing method of milk powder, because the puppy's body has not been fully developed, and it is very weak, so you need to pay special attention to avoid causing milk dogs and vomiting;

  2. Puppy dogs can eat high goat milk powder, use pure alpine goat milk powder, equipped with high -quality sheep colostrum, contains immunoglobulin (LGG, LGD, LGE, LGM), growth factors, lactated iron protein, taurine, GOS probiotics Yuan, ARA, DHA, amino acids, vitamins, trace elements and other effective ingredients, scientific ratio, promote young pet development, improve immunity, enhance vitality, make young pets grow healthy, and comprehensively meet the nutritional needs of pets.
    The benefits of goat milk to dogs:

    1. The protein structure in goat milk is the same as breast milk, contains a large amount of milk protein, and does not contain allergic heterosexin in milk. Therefore, goat milk is easier to digest and absorb than other milk products, and does not cause allergic symptoms such as stomach discomfort and diarrhea. It is a dairy product that can be accepted by anyone in any constitution.

    2, the fat structure of goat milk is the same as breast milk, and the fat accumulation will not be formed in the body. Compared with weakly acidic milk, sheep milk is weakly alkaline, and it is similar to the acid and alkali of breast milk.

    3, goat milk contains the same rich mineral elements, trace elements, multiple vitamins, etc. in the same breast milk. The content and absorption rate of calcium, phosphorus, and iron are also higher than milk. It has a great effect on restoring physical fitness and enhancing resistance.

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