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  1. Dogs are cultivated by wolf! Although its group and living environment have changed, its habits and lifestyles have not changed. When the dog is adults (after 1 year old), when walking or a dog party, the dog and the dog will bite because of some conflicts! As a master, you should calmly think about it, not to interfere with blindly, which may hurt your baby!
    level status: In the absence of two dogs, they will judge each other through body language to judge each other, manifested as the other's buttocks, the back of the back, the tail stands up, the ears are standing, the ears are Back, in a state of tension! Gong's pussy is like this
    Food, toys: Some dogs have strong possessions, that is, as long as the other dogs in their mouths cannot be touched, they will not work if they touch it! Just warn it!
    Parenting period: In the case of estrus, many male dogs will bite and fight for fighting for rights!
    Seeous and guarding instinct: Some dogs are jealous and guardian, and they are unwilling to approach their owners, or when their owners and other dogs are playing, they will rush up to bite!
    The first reason is mostly the most part. For example: The variety like Husky is particularly prominent in this regard! Because they are working dogs, they are working together all year round, so in a sled team, there must be head dogs, guard dogs, rear dogs, that is, the level is very tight, a bit like a military structure, so it has been created for many years, so it has been created for many years. Now Husky loves to fight this personality!
    The latter three reasons can only be available in specific occasions and environments. For example, when you gather together, there are many dogs, and dogs chase a toy, and there are also when feeding! Each dog's different personality will show!
    The following is the correct processing method of the dog fighting the owner! Intersection (The following methods are not applicable to dog fighting dogs, strong dogs)
    The method is: try not to interfere with them. During the fight, the owners of the two sides should not be ignored without giving any physical and language behaviors. After the bite, or forcibly separate, the owner must not praise and encourage or scold the dog that beats himself. This is very wrong!
    The fighting in dogs is very normal! Especially between male dogs! Of course, it is not that they do not let them scatter freely. In some special circumstances, the owner still needs to participate and take compulsory measures!

  2. We seem to be able to see or hear dog fights often, especially when walking dogs, their own dogs and other dogs are getting closer and closer. There was a contradiction, even together, Ladu couldn't hold it. The dog's hierarchy is very strong. Of course, when you encounter two dogs with strong and strong one, of course, when you are in a tense state, they usually raise their backs, their tails stand up, their ears back, their backs of their ears back, their backs of their ears back Wait, you can start the preparation mode in minutes. Some dogs love to deceive people in particular, and some owners will deceive the dogs. They think that the owner is all good at everything. Some dogs can't get used to it. They will launch an offense when they look at each other. Where to go.
    The reason why the two dogs fight are not just a look at it, but the pressure of gradually increasing between them. The dog's ability to distinguish the details is very poor, but the movement of dynamic objects is very keen. For example, if the shovel officer stands more than ten meters in front of the dog, the dog basically cannot accurately identify it. But if the shovel officer stood in front of the dog to wave his arm or perform other movements, the dog could immediately identify it. The distance between the magnetic dot is, as the name suggests, the distance between the two magnets starts to interact. If the magnet has life, they can see another magnet in a far place, but only the distance between the two is close to the distance between the magnetic field, and they will be attracted together.
    This dogs are the same. They can find another dog in a far place, but if the other party does not enter its own magnetic dot distance, it will not cause any other reactions. When the other party enters the distance between the magnetic dots, the corresponding action will occur. When the two parties enter the distance between the magnetic dots, the dog will begin to bear the pressure and gradually increase. This pressure comes from changes in the distance between the two or changes in information such as body language. If the shovel officer's aura is confident enough, and the two dogs have no psychological shadow itself, it will not cause any excessive appearance.

  3. People are one hundred, and they are all kinds of color. One hundred dogs, each has its own characteristics. It doesn't mean that the dog will definitely fight when you see a dog, which depends on different situations.
    1 Dogs see familiar dogs, just like people see old friends, the territory consciousness and prevention consciousness are negative, and they will be full of enthusiasm. , Kiss my nose, and entanglement, noisy, rolling, endless. This is the excellent expression of dogs, loyal to the owner, and enthusiasm for friends.
    2 Dogs to see strange dogs are much stronger than people who see strange people. And full of hostility, it usually goes up and bite. The fierce personality will even fight for you to die. This is the super "protector" of the dog's bones and the awareness of defending the safety of the territory. In order to protect myself and show my sovereignty to the territory, they will take the initiative to attack, "prematurely to make people", which is why the dog will fight and fight as soon as the dog sees the dog.
    3 In the past, we only knew the Chinese pastoral dog, that is, the native dog, and the wolf dog or something. Now because of the introduction of foreign countries, there are hundreds of dogs, and the temper is very different. Coupled with mutual hybridization and reproduction, symbiotic assimilation, the world of dogs is chaotic. Generally speaking, dogs have a low chance of seeing the same type of dog fights, and they must see different types of dogs' hostility; they have a high chance of fighting when they see the same bone, chicken legs or bread, and the rate of animal sex is strong. Seeing the fighting rate of other dogs is high and stronger to see other dogs.
    Hawli how much dogs see the dogs, even if the nose is swollen and scarred, you die, and they all have a commonality, that is, they are absolutely loyal to their owners and love their families. A breathless dog will do his best when he sees the owner, trembling, full of reluctance, tears flowing out of his eyes, expressing his attachment and loyalty to the owner, which is very moving. Dogs are also available for some excellent qualities. Because among all beasts, in the thousands of years of coexistence, common, suffering, and honor, dogs are undoubtedly the closest friends of human beings!

  4. Because dogs are a competitive creature, they need to fight their status to show their status to seize their territory when they meet their own kind.

  5. Dogs are very ordinary pets in their current life, but at the same time their genetic heritage has a strong sense of leadership. Once similar creatures outside the opposite sex are found, they will show hostility. The threat exists, so it is easy to fight.

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