Can pet dogs be raised as native dogs?

My house is a silver fox skewers. I feed some meat bibimbap every day. I do n’t want to talk too much money on the dog. I do n’t have this experience. Is this okay?

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  1. Of course, soil dogs can be raised as pet dogs. The soil dog pet dogs are more wise, and they are almost the same in terms of habits. They are not picky and better than pet dogs. Dogs are also emotional. You can go to the pet hospital to take care of the image of the soil dog, which is similar to the pet dog. Besides, the dogs are the same.
    Extension information:
    The Chinese pastoral dog
    The Chinese pastoral dog (Latin scientific name: Canis Lupus), traditionally called "earth dog", some places in the north are also called "firewood", which belongs to carnivores A mammalian of the family, dog family, and dog family has a height of about 40 ~ 60 cm in height when he grows up, and weighs about 15-35 kg. It belongs to local dog breeds that need to be saved.
    Life habits
    The personality is more docile, and it is not easy to actively attack humans. It can live in groups. It is strong in regional, easy to raise, loyalty, and not easy to develop skin diseases. It is widely used in rural home care homes and early hunting.
    The dietary habits
    This dogs are carnivorous animals, so when feeding, it is necessary to prepare more animal protein, carnivores, supplemented by vegetarian ingredients to ensure the normal development and health of the dog. Sometimes they also eat grass, but they eat very little, and occasionally vomit. Dogs are not hungry, but to clear the stomach, mainly because the dog's gastrointestinal structure is unique.
    Reference materials: Baidu Encyclopedia-Chinese Rural Dog

  2. Pet dogs can be used as native dogs.
    The Chinese pastoral dog (Latin name: Canis Lupus), traditionally referred to as "earth dog", some places in the north are also called "firewood", which belongs to a mammalian of meat, dogs, and dogs. Growing the back shoulder is about 40 ~ 60 cm tall, and weighs about 15-35 kg. It belongs to local dog breeds that need to be saved.
    The Chinese pastoral dogs are very similar to the early wolves, Chinese wolves, and grassland wolves. Chinese local dogs are mainly distributed in the south of the Great Wall and east of the Qinghai -Tibet Plateau. The low -altitude of the Han nationality centered on the central region is widely existed in the rural and Southeast Asia regions of China. dog. Chinese pastoral dogs are the products of the Chinese Han nationality in the context of thousands of years of farming society. They are the activated stone of history and culture. They are called "Chinese dogs".

  3. The silver fox is not large, and the not much is to eat, that is, the nutrition in the cheap dog food is more nutritious than you feed. In fact, it is not much money to eat less. It must not keep up with such nutrition for a long time. Lack of nutrition for a long time will also get sick. The reason is the same as people.

  4. My family raised Alaska. Although I was raising dogs for the first time, I felt that the dogs were the same. I ca n’t treat it because of the name of the name.

  5. After all, pet dogs are not used to see the door. Generally, pet dogs are relatively weak, and they will die if they are not good.

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