5 thoughts on “Is a stray dog ​​developed into a wolf group in the wild? Become a wolf?”

  1. Dogs are small animals that are very common in our lives, and have such experiences with many people. They just feel that dogs are really the most loyal friends of human beings, because it seems that dogs are dogs in all small animals. The most humane, the little animals that can understand the eyes and moods most. But now there are many people who have raised dogs to abandon the dogs because of work relocation and other reasons, so that they have become stray dogs. So is it possible for stray dogs to develop into wolves in the wild? Become a wolf? It also depends on which variety is enough, because some dogs are naturally docile, and it is not possible to make them fierce, but if it is a very fierce variety, it is likely to develop into a fierce wolf group.
    Mi people in many cities in the cities. In their opinion, dogs are very docile and cute, and it is impossible to harm to human life safety at all. In fact, this is because most of the people in the city are puppies used to see or play. These puppies themselves are very small and naughty and cute, and can even be said to be docile. So in general, even if this dog is wandering, it is not possible to become a fierce wolf group.
    But different from this, if we go to the countryside, we will find that most of the dogs here are fierce, because most of the dogs raised by rural people are used to see households, so they must be fierce. So if these dogs become stray dogs for various reasons, they will find many companions, and they will travel through the streets all day long. If anyone threatens them attack.
    So the stray dog ​​is likely to develop into a wolf group into evil wolves that pose a threat to the safety of human life, but it depends on the species of these stray dogs to judge. But we human beings can actually change this tragedy through our own actions. If we ca n’t raise dogs, do n’t raise it, or we can send them to the shelter.

  2. It will not develop into a wolf group. After our long -term domestication comprehensive ability, the dogs are not as good as wolf. They generally have no wildness, and stray dogs generally do not organize like wolves.

  3. It is impossible to develop into a wolf group, and it will only become wild dogs. It will not become evil wolves, dogs and wolves are different.

  4. It should be impossible, because stray dogs do not have the ability to survive in the wild, nor will they become evil wolves.

  5. The stray dog ​​may develop into a wolf group into a hungry wolf in the wild. Because there is no dog like a dog for a long time, the pet dogs are domesticated by us. If the stray dog ​​returns to the wild, it is likely to regain that wildness and wolfness.

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