5 thoughts on “How to adopt wild dogs”

  1. To be honest, you are really tricky. If you think this wild dog, you should not adopt it. It is best to send it to a pet adoption center. It is not adopted so well.
    1. If you want to make this kind of hearty wild dog eliminating your mind, you need to cultivate for a long time. You can give it some food and eat it for a long time, drink, smile and face face, face face, face face, face face, face face, face face, face face, face face, face face, face face, facing face to face it. This may eliminate its wishes, but don't be optimistic. Whether it trusts you can say two.
    2. Try to bring it home slowly, remember that if it wants to run, don't stay forced. Trust requires the joint establishment of both parties, especially for a long time that no one is good to it. Now that someone is good to it, the worsening is inevitable. Only by letting it and slowly trusting you can you accept you. It can be seen from seeing whether it shakes the tail from whether it shakes your tail. The speed of shaking the tail can also see its dependence on you.

    . I still do n’t agree with you to adopt it. After all, even if it eliminates you to be wary, it does not mean that it will not be wary of others, especially the bad problems on it, it is not easy to change it. It takes time. It is short for one year. In short, once you adopt it, you must have a psychological preparation for it.
    The words, how to do it, still have a good report in your good people, my Buddha is compassionate, and there is no Amitabha Buddha in the south.

  2. If you like that, you like that. If both like both, there are two pet dogs in my family. They have no trouble and fun. In fact, no matter what you adopt? It means that you are very loving. Whether they are wandering or cats, they are one of the sources of fun in our lives. We must know how to take care of them.

  3. You can feed it often, let it eliminate the previous fear, and wait for it to take it back after you believe you. Then go to the injection, as for those bad problems, the church gradually becomes better. Good people have a good report, I hope the landlord will take the dog back smoothly and give it a home.

  4. Don't worry first, feed it with food first, and feed it for a few more days. When he can let you touch it, it is almost the same. At this time, you can take him home. Go to buy some antherees. Do you want to teach this slowly. You should not care about it at the beginning of this dog. With him, when he treats you as his real master, he will teach him again. Let him no longer trust you. You have to stop him when you make mistakes, but don't beat him, just use a serious tone to reprimand him.

  5. First of all, you are really kind I respect you
    The dogs who have been wandering all the year round, even if you raise it, it is not good for it. Buddha compassionate

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