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  1. What to do if the pet dog anorexia and what to do with the reason for pet dog anorexia? Many people in real life have pets, and a family has a pet to make the atmosphere better, but many people will encounter the situation of pet dogs anorexia. So what do pet dog anorexia? Let's take a look at the answer!
    The reason why pet dog anorexia and what to do 1 often hear the shoveling officer saying that you want to lose weight for your pets, and it is more happy until one day of pet fat, because seeing those dogs with thin bones in the circle of friends in the circle of friends Dogs, how eye -catching it appeared in front of everyone, until they were anorexia, everyone was decisive and heartbroken. It was really a dog to become fat, and not to lose weight under the power of anorexia. All pets occasionally can't mention appetite. For example, yesterday, I ate big roots for Bak Kutcho. Today, there is only a faint dog food.
    It some pets are naturally picky, only picking expensive and not nutritious, only the meat is not impossible, but it will still eat enough to maintain life. The sudden loss of appetite for more than two days is incredible, and medical care is needed. If the dog is sick, it will be earlier. And if it is a puppy, a puppies who do not eat one to two days will take a minute dog band. Because the puppies' fat and moisture reserves are too small, it is best to give medical care within 12 hours of anorexia. Especially for toys puppies, they are particularly prone to fatal hypoglycemia. The pet owner may wish to apply some foods such as syrup and honey on the tooth bed of anorexia, and feed it immediately after they recover their consciousness.

    The dog's anorexia is a sudden thing. When your beloved dog refuses to eat or eat less food, the owner just watched what to do. Some picky. Puppies may prefer some kinds of food. In addition to these foods, they reject other things. Once the pet owner rushes to the dogs and starts to feed their favorite foods. This part of the pet owner has lost its position. In the future, if you want to feed the dog nothing, the dog will go on a hunger strike for you.
    In fact, when the dog is under too much pressure, it will also control appetite. The person that the pet dog likes suddenly disappears or there are many strange people at home, which will destroy the dog's appetite. For puppies, any disease allows them to refuse to eat, threatening sick diseases such as canine plague, small viruses, parasites, or gumper pain can make them have no intention to eat. Even the respiratory tract infection blocks their noses, which will destroy their appetite because of affecting the smell of smell. If the situation is extremely serious, please ask a pet doctor to insert gastric tube to maintain the life of the dog.
    The reason for pet dog anorexia and how to do 2 The way to treat dogs anorexia:
    1. If the dog is anorexia because of physiological changes, you can ignore it, or only increase the palatability of food. That's OK.
    2. If the dog is an overeating, too much food, or eating too much food, you can give the dog some digestive drugs, such as 1-2 capsules, stomach, stomach, stomach, stomach Enzyme 0, 5-1g, Qingda, orally, and fasting for 24 to 36 hours.
    3. If the dog is anorexia because of the disease, it is necessary to treat the symptomatic treatment after examination to help digestive drugs can only play auxiliary effect.

    4. Strengthen physical exercise and increase the amount of dog exercise. Generally, small dogs only need to prepare more toys at home. For example, dogs bite glue and pull rope for playing exercise. Usually tease it to run and play to meet the amount of exercise. However, large dogs must go outdoors, especially hounds of dogs, and their ancestors are hunting for living. They are accustomed to fierce exercise and let them run at least 5-10 kilometers a day.
    The best way to prevent it is to avoid feeding a single food for long -term feeding dogs, and often change the taste of dogs to prevent dogs from eating anorexia because of eating a food every day. Snacks cannot be eaten too frequently. They can be given as a reward for training. If they are usually fine, they will give it a bit. After a long time, the dog will only eat snacks and not eat, forming bad habits.

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