How to help the dog defecate?

I didn't feed at noon today. It accidentally ate a bag of crab yellow melon seeds. I didn't shit for a long time.

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  1. 1: Add intestinal water to the dog
    When the dog is difficult to defecate, the pet owner should supplement the water in the intestinal tract to the dog. , Then the dog's intestine lacks water. Therefore, pet owners should induce dogs to drink plenty of water and try to feed the dogs with light and high water content, such as millet porridge, meat porridge, fish soup and the like.

    2: Feeding pet nutritional supplements
    If the dog still cannot pull out, the pet owner will properly feed the dog to some pet nutrition supplements, such as Wang Suitong. If there is yogurt or honey water at home, the pet owner can feed the dog with some yogurt or honey water. During this period, you can also prepare some fruits such as bananas, dragon fruit, and pear to feed the dogs. However, the owner should be reminded that the bananas feed to the dog must be cooked.

    3: Give the dog using Kaisai
    . If the pet owner sees the dog in a bowel movement, but the dog can’t pull it out, it may be the dog's stool really really. It is too hard. It is recommended that the pet owner uses Kaisalu for the dog. First, the stool that stays in the dog's intestines will be discharged, otherwise it will continue to release toxic gas or toxins in the dog's intestine for too long. The intestinal health of the dog is harmful, so the owner must first use Kaisylu for the dog.

    If the dog has been in difficulty in defecation for a long time, the dog also has irritability and abnormal appetite. It is recommended that the pet owner takes the dog to the pet hospital to find a veterinarian check in time. The consequences of normal bowel movements are very serious, so the pet owner must not sit down.

  2. My dogs are difficult to defecate, and I will give it a double beef ingot directly, so that the intestine can be quickly digested to help the dog defecate, and it is necessary to add more intestinal water to the dog.

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