5 thoughts on “Where can I sell cats in Xiaguan in Dali City?”

  1. Method 1. Take the 9 or 8 to get off at the New Century Middle School. Only Sunday can there be a stall
    Methods 2. There is a flower and bird market on the Zhuhai Paradise on the lower section of Canglang Road. n Methods 3. It seems that there is a market on the other side of Fengyi. If you do 5 bus directly, you can see it when you go to Fengyi. Generally, there are more dogs, less cats
    how to see if there is any People in the same city exchanged or loved them
    Methods 5. Now you can buy small pets online and find a highly reputable seller. The quality and safety are still guaranteed.

  2. I do n’t know if there are cats selling cats, but I know that Dali has a cat. You take the 4th bus to Dali, and under the second stop of the countdown, that is, you will come down at the vegetable field and walk a little. On the Shuangli Road, there are many cats and dogs selling dogs and dogs. But note that there must be on the day of catching the street.

  3. My master's authentic Shimonatt people took the 9th (1 yuan) or 8 (1.5 yuan) to get off at the New Century Middle School, and someone sold it on the opposite side.
    Hey ~~ But there is only Sunday

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