The newly raised pet dogs do not go to the toilet by themselves, and they always urinate anywhere. How should the owner teach the dog to go to the toilet?

4 thoughts on “The newly raised pet dogs do not go to the toilet by themselves, and they always urinate anywhere. How should the owner teach the dog to go to the toilet?”

  1. Dogs are now common pets for many families. Raising puppies is also a headache for parents. Next to the flower pots on the corner floor, there are maps they draw everywhere. Look at the pitiful and aggrieved look. I couldn't bear to blame, and I could only follow them to clean up the mess again and again. So develop good excretion habits on your dog. This is also a very important step to train your dog. So how to teach dogs to pee. Today I will teach you a few tips. The gentleman who shovel is worth having.
    [How to teach dogs to pee]
    Let's take a look at the time rules of dog excretion. Mainly 3 time periods
    1. After getting up in the morning and after a nap. After one night and a morning food digestion and metabolism cycle. The first thing must be excreted. At this time, the owner should remember to bring them to a fixed excretion place immediately for excretion.
    . Because the movement will accelerate blood circulation. Easy to urinate. So after the dog jumps outside. Carry it with you immediately.
    3. About fifteen minutes to half an hour after meals. At this time, the residual substances in the body will decrease with the food. Dogs are also prone to the idea of ​​excretion.
    How to teach dogs to pee and master these points. Add some guidance next. How to teach dogs to complete it easily.
    First of all, I want to talk about the simple spray of urine. Many people buy it, as if they are very useful, as long as they spray to the specified location, the dog can go to the toilet by themselves. But observation shows. More than 80% of the owners said it had nothing to do. In fact, there are some dog urine and chemical components in the catheter. Dogs are familiar with the smell, but they do not go to the toilet by themselves.
    So don't waste your money to buy this. In fact, there is a way I think it's easy to use and simple. This is the way to take out the newspaper. First of all, when the dog is not at home, we start to spread newspapers from the door. Only one can do. Come back and saw a strange environment without any dog ​​smell. They will use their urine to declare their sovereignty. After getting angry on the 4.5 newspaper, it walked away. We can put it away from the urine newspaper and other newspapers. When the dog goes to the toilet next time, it will find a place in several places it pee. When he finds this place next time, we can take out his urine newspaper and put it where you want him to go to the toilet. The next time you need to go to the toilet, it will pass automatically. Is not it simple. If it will not repeat several times at one time. It usually takes only one week to remember it.

  2. When a dog is training the dog to go to the toilet, you should first exercise this behavior of the dog, and when the dog is urinating in the right place, the owner can reward the dog properly. When you are punished properly, you can also punish your dogs.

  3. Just after raising a pet dog, the owner should teach pet dog how to find the toilet and train it. If the dog urinates, you should throw the dog's feces into the toilet and let the dog see it.

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