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  1. Dogs are not carnivorous animals, but are omnivorous animals. Most of the dogs eat meat, and sometimes they eat some vegetarian foods, such as: steamed buns, some grass, etc.

  2. The whether pet dogs and cats need to feed more meat, even on the problem of raw meat, many pet nutrition experts and veterinaries have been arguing about how to better pets for pets. Provide nutritional value balanced foods. This problem will also directly affect the application and reasonable comparison of meat foods in pet food formulas.
    Per dogs are included in "omnivorous" animals, which are mainly meat, instead of pure "meat". This view is wrong or even ridiculous. Classing dogs as "meat" animals, which is consistent with dogs' ancestors. So why do we define that dogs are a kind of omnivorous animals dominated by carnivores today? I think this may be that some of our pet food companies in the United States have worked hard to propagate and define dogs as "omnivorous" animals in order to protect and guarantee their own interests, and even try to turn "meat" dogs into "corn" dog. In the process of practice, we have enough evidence to prove that the health of the "omnivorous" dog partners who eat too much corn are not as good as that of "meat" dogs.
    Moly encouraging dogs and cats to return to the ancient past, to eat meat, or even raw meat. Is this a new pet feeding philosophy that was born today? In the process of feeding dogs and cats, the concept of allowing pet partners to eat meat and even raw meat can be traced back to history a long time ago. Unfortunately, in the past few decades, in the process of the rapid development of the domestic pet food economy and trade in the United States, most pet food manufacturers have chosen large -scale manufacturing of industrialization. The ground is shaping the pet dog into a omnivorous animal. This is mainly considered from meeting the interests of these manufacturers and the needs of customers. In this regard, we hold objections and attitudes. We firmly believe that pet dogs choose meat food and have more excellent nutritional value. At the same time, we can accept strict comparison tests of these two feeding methods. Prove it with realistic time, the correctness of our point of view. Therefore, we advocate more feeding to dog meat, or even raw meat.
    The theoretical basis for feeding pet dogs "meat" and "raw meat" instead of "omnipers" is very simple. The manufacturing process of "omnivorous" pet food destroys the activity of enzymes and the value of amino acids. Meats are even raw meat. Natural digestive enzymes and amino acids contain are very rich. At the same time, in a natural state, their nutritional value is the most perfect. In the manufacturing process of some pet foods, the most important amino acids and enzymes are completely destroyed.
    It some pet foods need to be high temperature at 110 ° C, and even some pet foods, such as pet canned cooked food products, need to pass the temperature above 212 ° C. Pet dogs eat such highly processed foods, nutritional nutrition, nutrition Health is greatly affected, and there will be some obvious skin dryness, itchy skin, boring hair, drowsiness, and more disobedient symptoms in the long run. We know that enzymes are essential biocatalys for pet physiology, which can increase nutrients and promote nutritional absorption. This requires our favorite pets to have the ability to fully protect important enzyme vitality. Only in this way can we realize longevity, health care, and happy life. And too many pet foods that have been destroyed and destroyed by enzymes cannot be realized, which cannot realize this beautiful hope. The concepts of our "meat" and "raw meat" have become healthier, more powerful and experienced, and have been proven again and again.
    Brir according to our observations, compared with the pure meat or even raw meat and feeding omnivorous, the pets have a great impact on the stool of pets. The biological value of pure meat and raw meat will lead to a large reduction in the number and frequency of feces. Most commercial pet foods in the market in the United States are full of digestive ingredients, which causes dogs and cats to eat too much, and excretion of feces must be several times a day. More meat, even raw meat, pets are usually once a day, even every other day. In addition, the digestion of this type greatly reduces the smell of feces, which is a health and more naturally, just like it is in the wild. We can do a simple test: when putting feces and digestive foods in water, we will float like "floating boats".
    At the same time, meat and even meat diet have the unique advantages of no toothy tooth. One of the main reasons is -enzyme, which is a key role in enzymes. Meats are self -digesting natural digestive enzymes that are not destroyed in the gums. On the other hand, cooked food particles can continue to stay on the gum line, constantly leading to more bacteria breeding, causing tartar and bad breath. Excessive tartar can cause more periodontal diseases.
    , in reality, we see that many pets use omn -food foods, that is, "omnivorous" or more "corn", which is still very healthy, but this does not show that "omnivorous" is the best Or the most "healthy". Some dogs, especially when they are young, have amazing ability to digest anything, but because they are older, even if they have a trend of degeneration, they are usually after 4-5 years old. This is a long waiting process. We can often learn from European reports that the lifespan of large breeds, namely Great Dan Dogs, Rotwels, Mastiffs, etc., reached 15 years or longer. There have been almost no such reality that have never heard of appearing in our United States. Do you not want your favorite furry companions like longevity pets in Europe and can live longer life?
    For a long time, we have heard that pet veterinaries in the world have always emphasized that pets are very dangerous and unsafe to feed meat and even meat all year round. But at the same time, we must also face an unfortunate reality. Many veterinarians cannot provide the truly nutritious data and knowledge of pet dogs and cats. They also rarely know that in terms of pet food feeding of meat or even meat, we have pure meat, even the animals in zoo, circus, and wild zoo, as well as successful feeding of pet dogs and cats for 30 years. experience.
    The is enough to prove that more feeding pure meat, and even raw meat than feeding omnivorous, the advantages and benefits of pet physical health are far beyond.

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