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  1. You can give the dog a little meat every day.
    but not let the dog eat meat every day.
    The nutrition for dogs is as many as 50 types, and the nutrition that meat can be provided is very limited. If it is only allowed to eat meat, it will only be malnourished. Moreover, the appetite of the dog will be more picky, and there may be picky eaters.
    Is to feed dogs, be sure to pay attention to nutritional balance and supplement trace elements, so most people now feed dog food, because if you make it, you will lack a lot of nutrition. My family usually feeds the Champions League dog food, but it will also cook chicken breasts for dogs every week.
    , and too small dogs can't eat meat. They can only eat milk or milk powder, not digestion or digestion.

  2. You can eat it with dog food. Dogs are born to eat meat. The protein in the meat is more likely to be absorbed by the dog, which is more beneficial to the dog's body.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, I am inquiring for you, please wait a moment, I will reply to you immediately ~nHello, I am glad to answer it for you, you can eat it, but it is recommended to eat less. Long -term feeding raw meat can cause excessive protein and affect the kidney function of the dog. This is worth noting that when the dog has a small amount of exercise, there is no need to feed a lot of protein. Source such as: chicken breast, beef and mutton, sheep milk, eggs, etc. Only raw bones can feed dogs, because the cooked bones are crispy and will stab the dog's digestive organs during the swallowing process, especially chicken bones. If the chicken bones are raw Easy to bend. The dog's jaw is naturally eating bones, and it will handle well.nDogs are a kind of carnivore. When feeding, it is necessary to prepare more animal protein and fat in the feed to supplement the vegetarian components to ensure the dog's normal development and healthy physique. The dog's digestive tract is shorter than the grassy animals. The content of hydrochloric acid in the dog's stomach ranks first among the livestock. In addition, the intestinal wall thickness absorption ability is strong, so it is easy to digest meat food.nDogs like to bite. This is also the habit left by biting prey in the original ecology. When we feed, we should often give it some dog bones (bite glue, we can't feed the bones of its poultry, and it is best not to feed the pork cow, otherwise it may be choked) to facilitate the use of teeth.nAlthough it is traditionally a category of carnivores, this does not mean that the food of the house is limited to meat. Unlike other cats such as cats such as cats, house dogs can live healthy to live healthy in foods such as vegetables and grains. In fact, their recipes are very balanced. The diet nutrition of typical wild carnivores comes from the contents of the herbivores captured by them.nSo they often have uneven nutrition. But the family dogs cope with this very well. They can be vegetarian, especially these foods with eggs or [[milk] (puppy should not drink milk, puppy's gastrointestinal and indigestion)] It is even more like this. (Not strict vegetarianism, or milk eggin). On the other hand, house dogs have more endurance than human beings, and they will not suffer from metabolic diseases such as arterial obstruction because of a large amount of meat. In addition, scientists have found that the dog's sled competitions that are like in IDITAROD in Alaska and other situations that are similar to extreme stress can help them prevent muscle tissue from being damaged by damage. EssencenI hope the above answers are helpful to you ~ If you are satisfied with my answer, please like it ~n5 morenBleak

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