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  1. 1. Excessive exercise
    Most owners have the habit of walking with dogs, because this has certain benefits for the health of dogs, but it will exceed the appropriate amount of dogs for a long time, which will cause dogs If the body exceeds the load, it will cause a certain damage to the body. At this time, the weakness of the hind legs is also normal. Generally, as long as the dog has enough rest, it will slowly recover, and there will be no major obstacles.
    . The supplement to lack of calcium for a long time
    In general, calcium deficiency is not caused by a day or two, but the calcium that the dog has long -term intake is too low, causing calcium deficiency, expressing symptoms, showing symptoms That is, the legs and feet are weak, the head of the same age is small, the legs and feet are unstable, the O -legs X -shaped legs, and the severe or even the legs and feet deformity. In addition, the puppy itself is more calcium when you grow your body.
    In this case, it is recommended that the owner supplement the dog in a timely and reasonable calcium, and do not feed the dogs with calcium -containing food at once to avoid food poisoning. It is best to add it to the dog's food Wang Xiangxin, supplementing calcium while supplementing vitamins and various trace elements to promote the absorption of calcium.
    . Hip joint development
    The hip joint development, that is, "CHD" is a common hip disease with medium and large dogs. The disease is usually caused by genetic. Generally, walking unstable and trembling will occur before the illness. At the same time, dogs do not love sports. They will also have obvious pain after dog exercise. Happening. At present, the best treatment for hip joint development is conservative treatment. It uses joint health drugs for dogs to protect joints, such as Wang Xiangjie. In addition, it is necessary to improve the tension of joint muscles and ligaments through proper exercise, such as swimming and walking, and restore negative gravity.

  2. First, the paralysis is caused by what is caused. It is recommended to go to the hospital for testing. If it is paralysis caused by calcium deficiency, calcium is required, and the sunlight is more illuminating. Second, the hind limb paralysis caused by nerve compression, and the hind limb paralysis is likely to be a problem with the lumbar spine. If the lumbar spine compresses the nerve, the simplest treatment may be needed. If you improve, you still need surgery if you do n’t improve.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenThe reason for answering the paralysis of the dog's hind legs mainly includes external force and genetic factors. First, external force, dogs are paralyzed due to external injuries such as collision, injury, external force hit, bite, etc. Second, disease factors, such as rheumatism, neurological diseases, joint diseases, skeletal diseases, etc. are paralyzed. Third, the lack of nutrients and other reasons may also cause the dog's hind legs to paralysis.

  4. Send to a professional pet hospital for surgery. This cannot be dragged. After the operation, let the dog rest more,
    , a small amount of exercise, slowly repair, pay attention to keep warm, you can feed the dog to gang beef bone,
    The joint nutrition, promoting bone regeneration and reconstruction, and recovery can be recovered for one month. Baidu

  5. Check the dog's physical condition.
    If the dog is only paralyzed by the hind legs, but there is no trauma, and there is no pain in touching the legs. The possibility of fracture and dislocation. Then it may be the muscle injury caused by excessive exercise, and the body is collapsed.
    Most owners have the habit of bringing dogs out of activities, which is good for the health of dogs. But this is limited to appropriate and reasonable exercise. If the pet owner treats the dog as a police dog, the strength of the exercise exceeds the load of the dog's body and damage the body, and the dog will have the weakness of the hind legs. The pet owner needs to rest enough to rest, so that the dog will slowly recover. In the future, you cannot exercise high -intensity for the dogs in the future, and formulate a scientific and reasonable sports plan.

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