3 thoughts on “How to tie pet dog”

  1. It is best to use a dog chain with a chest strap. One is that it will not strangle, and the other is that if a dog can only take it out with a neck case, it is recommended to try not to be tied at home. Dogs let the dog run away, and the dog's temper will be very bad.

  2. Do not tie it at home, you must tie the rope (the one with two front legs) when you go out, because it is not easy to paint the dog. For unfamiliar passers -by, dogs occasionally have some aggressiveness.

  3. At first he would call him constantly. That is, about 8 yuan, that is two legs. It won't hurt,
    old tied him, but he will be very excited and happy as soon as you let go, and the dog will want to bite people, cautious.

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