4 thoughts on “What happened to the poodle without cutting hair? Do I need to cut the poodles?”

  1. Everyone who raises pet dogs knows that the cost of pets is actually quite high. They need to take care of their diet, appearance and life. If you are accidentally sick and the cost of hospitalization is not low, so when we choose a pet dog, we must first depend on whether our economic level allows us to raise pet dogs. There are some varieties of pet dogs with thick hair and need to be trimmed regularly. Long -term costs are also quite high. The more frugal owner may learn the techniques of pruning themselves by themselves. Usually, it is pruning for the dog. Some owners do not shave the dog at all. Today, let's take a look at what is going on with poodles without cutting hair?
    What does the poodle without cutting hair happen?

    The hair of the poodle is dense in the pet dog. The most important thing to trim hair is to make them look better and more attractive, and for their usual hygiene. If you do not cut your hair, your hair will become longer, covering your eyes and affecting your vision. In addition, dogs like poodles with severe tear marks will cause bacteria to breed in the hair around the eyes. Their eyes are damaged. If they do not keep hairy, they are more likely to suffer from bacteria and skin diseases.
    In fact, it is not difficult to trim the hair of the VIP. You only need to prepare some trimming tools, then cut off the hair on its head, trim long hair into a uniform length, and then cut out the desired shape according to its head shape. The hair around the poodle's mouth is cut shorter than the hair on the head. If the hair on the mouth is too long, it will affect their usual eating. When trimming the hair around the Muchi, be careful not to hurt the dog.
    The hair on the poodle only needs to follow one principle, that is, the hair length is uniform, and it will not look too ugly. After trimming, you can see whether the hair on the dog is cut neatly from all angles, and you can add more modification. In order to make the dog's hair healthier and shiny, the owner should comb the dog more. It is also important to choose a bath product suitable for dogs. These require the owner to pay more attention.

  2. When raising a VIP, you need to sort out the hair. If they do not cut their hair, their hair is becoming more and longer, which will cover their eyes and affect their sight.

  3. Without cutting hair, the poodle will easily get eye diseases and infect bacteria and skin diseases. You need to cut the poodles regularly.

  4. If the poodle does not cut the hair for a long time, it will be very ugly. Usually you do n’t need to cut it yourself. You can take it to the pet shop to trim hair.

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