4 thoughts on “How to reset the dog joint dislocation?”

  1. For dogs who are not fully dislocated or mildly dislocated, they can be treated with conservative treatment. For severe cases, surgery must be processed, the position of joint dislocation is different, and the surgical path is different. Through traction, rotating the affected limb, stretching and pressing the joint effects, the joint reset.

  2. 1. The treatment with a lighter dislocation
    If dogs accidentally damaged their hind legs due to exercise, such an dislocation situation occurred. Sub -reset, usually after a few days, they can recover

    . Go to the pet hospital for treatment
    . If the dislocation is particularly serious, the dog cannot recover, then in this case It should be considered that the fracture may occur. The owner must take it to the pet hospital for treatment in time. You can make the film first. Take a look at the specific situation. The doctor will use the corresponding way to treat it. Drug treatment, such as eating a little bit of anti -inflammatory, analgesic and the like. Of course, if it is very serious, it can only be treated by a special reset operation. In short, if the dog has this dislocation phenomenon, try not to let it continue to continue the violent activity, which can make it calm at home, which will be more conducive to recovery.

    This dogs usually like to run and like to jump, so it is easy to hurt themselves, especially this dislocation believes that it often occurs, so the owners find that there is such a problem, and according to the above, they can be according to the above described above. Help dogs for treatment, which is conducive to recovery as soon as possible.

  3. A slight injured dog can heal itself. If it is serious, you must send the doctor to the doctor for surgery to reset. N let the dog rest, control weight, avoid strenuous exercise, expose the sun, and slowly recover. Baidu

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