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  1. Do you want to shave? why?
    It people in life because of their material living conditions are already very good, so they all want to raise a pet dog to accompany themselves, because in today's era, no matter which city, the pace of life is faster than before before. Many work pressures are also extremely high. Many people often carry all the pressure and distress, but sometimes they have a pet dog. Although they can't give us any actual help, they. When we go home from get off work, we will feel happy to see him in his heart. All the pressure and boredom are swept away. This is one of the reasons why many people like to raise pets. I heard that pets are very helpful for us, but everyone still has to choose a pet dog that suits them, because different pet dogs have different characteristics. Teddy dogs are a kind of pet dog that many people like to raise Because they are small, they are very suitable for novices, and IQ is high. But no matter what kind of pets, there are some disadvantages that are inevitable, and Teddy's hair is both their advantages and their disadvantages.
    Why do you say that? Because many pet dogs will drop a lot of hair once in winter, some dogs are even hair loss all year round. This is very distressed to many owners. They will find that dog hair is everywhere at home, especially for people with allergies of hair. But Teddy is different. Teddy's hair is difficult to drop. Generally speaking, its hair will not fall. This is also a advantage of Teddy, but because its hair does not fall, it leads to Teddy’s hair that looks very much, and it is curly. If the owner does not take him to repair the shop for repair, he will be Blocking his eyes, even the edge of his mouth was hairy, so that he would stain the hair while eating, and it looked very bad. So if you want to raise Teddy, it is necessary to trim hair on Teddy regularly.
    It if you can accept this shortcoming, then Teddy must be a good choice because his IQ is very high. If he can train him some training when he was a child, he can understand some instructions. Then you will get a dog with high obedience. Of course, no matter what dogs are raised, they should pay attention to the health of pet dogs. In their diet, they must ensure that they can consume the nutrition that the body needs. It is necessary to choose high -quality dog ​​food and supplement some vegetables and fruits. And they cannot eat grapes, chocolate, milk and other foods, which may cause diarrhea.

  2. Don't shave; because of these pets such as cats and dogs, their hair is used to protect the cold. If they shave their hair, they will be particularly susceptible to illness and the resistance will decrease.

  3. Small Teddy does not need to be exposed to the air because the dog's skin will be exposed to the air after shaving. If the special substances in the air will affect the baby's skin, it will cause damage to the baby's skin. At this time Do not only waste time but also waste money.

  4. Small Teddy needs to shave; because after the birth of Teddy, the hair quality of the fetal hair will not be very good, so the hair that needs to be re -raised after shaving the little teddy may be compared to before. The hair is better.

  5. I don't think Little Teddy should not shave it often, because Teddy's ability to protect the cold is poor. He only has a single layer of fur, and he is relatively easy to get some damage.

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