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  1. Teddy needs to shave, do not shave all, you can trim a shape. Generally, dog hair should not be removed, so as not to cause the dog's psychological disorder. Generally speaking, it is better to shave in the dog for about 4 months.
    Teddy shaving is equivalent to a new baby to grow at a certain age. This is not to say that the hair grows and grows, but the amount of hair and the quality of the teddy bear will be better than milk. And it is mainly because Teddy itself does not change the tire hair. If it is not shaved, the tire hair is too soft.
    It should be noted that before shaving with Teddy Bear, pay attention to separate from the injection time. After the vaccine and rabies are vaccinated separately, they should not take a bath within two weeks. And shaving is best to cut it to the summer, do not cut the winter time, because the VIPs are afraid of cold.
    Is to shave teddy bears, you need to pay attention, you should choose a professional pet dog shaving tool. In the process of shaving, the dog's body should be controlled, and then shaving gently. Can't shave randomly, avoid stabbing the dog. In addition, when shaving, you need to pay attention to Teddy Bear emotions, pay attention to stability and soothe its tension, so that it can quietly spend the shaving time.

  2. If you need it, Teddy is a dog without hair loss. It needs to shave the fetal hair to grow normal hair. It is recommended to eat beautiful hair and seaweed powder after shaving. The amount of hair powder increases the amount of hair, and the seaweed powder increases. I don't know what color of your family is Teddy. It is possible to shave the standard of the good hair once, and it takes a second time. My family is a bear, that is, it was shaved twice when I was a kid.

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