To raise a dog at home, don't always scream, don't get rid of hair, good raises, what dogs are there?

Is Samoyed the golden retriever appropriate
does not fall off the hair to refer to the hair loss is not so serious. Just don't be full of the living room. To medium -sized dogs and small dogs

5 thoughts on “To raise a dog at home, don't always scream, don't get rid of hair, good raises, what dogs are there?”

  1. In the case of natural development, the dog you described does not exist
    This no call for castration sound cords can be achieved

    The first is the individual's requirements for dog breeds (the appearance of appearance cultivation and personality. Cultivation history) first check the relevant information
    (Regularly deworming on time, a reasonable diet exercise and stable living environment. The breeder itself has a certain understanding of dogs! Continuously enrich the experience of raising dogs)

    It is just a condition that the breed owner can give!

    The bit of puppy cultivation from the selection is the manifestation of adulthood in the future (dog breeding personality dog natural character dog acquired human breeding and directional cultivation R n don't expect the dog to change because of age. Don't expect the dog to change after the dog's sterilization ... These can only be used as a chance to change as a result!

    The demand for dog breeders! Not the problem of dogs!
    Is the breeder
    1. enough money
    2. enough time
    3. The environment and the space for pets
    , etc. (important thing is that when you raise dogs, you can first check the relevant information! Then consider whether to raise it)

  2. Teddy, Sherry, border shepherds.
    The poodle, also known as "lady dog", also known as "rolling dog". In German, Pudel means "water splash" and is a animal of Inuya dogs. The source of the poodle is as turbid as it is to drag out the water involved in the hunting bird. French long curly dogs, Hungarian hounds, Portuguese water dogs, Irish water dogs, Spanish hounds, and even Malzis dogs may be the ancestors of poodles.
    Thenari dogs are a type of stalk dog. It originated in Germany in the 15th century and is the only variety that does not contain British descent in the stalk dogs. Its name Schnauzer is a German "tone", and they are energetic, lively, and clever. Sherry is divided into three varieties: "Standard Sherry", "Mini Sherry" and "Giant Sherry". It is trimmed for a long time, which is suitable for various shapes. If dog breeders know and master common dog diseases and reproduction behaviors, they can make Snowy grow healthier and healthier.

  3. Satsuma golden hair is not too screaming, it is easy to remove the home when you are not at home. The destructive power is relatively large. Small dogs have a small body and do not lose hair. VIPs, Sherry, Big Bear are a good choice

  4. Big bears are less fur, but white, difficult to take care, and often combed hair. No dogs are easy to raise, they have to go out and slip, otherwise they have to train it to go to the toilet at a fixed point.

  5. Teddy's raising person can not say that he does not lose hair, and the doctor said that he does not love heart disease. Although I have been raised for 17 years, although it is a long -haired dog, I do n’t change my hair, but I just lose my hair like a person. This dog has only long hair and no fluff.

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