3 thoughts on “Can I bring pet dogs in a normal scenic spot?”

  1. Look at specific regulations. Some scenic spots can be brought and must be held with dog ropes.
    The gate of some scenic spots understands that you do not allow pets to enter.
    The domestic situation is generally not allowed to carry pet dogs on sightseeing vehicles, tourist bus, buses, etc.

    In abroad, you can bring pet dogs into the scenic area. It is also required to hold it with a dog rope. Many attractions also have a depending on the dogs to set up drinking water points and have clear guidance signs. Pet dogs can also be carried on the train on the train. But it is generally a very quiet dog breed, and it will not be noisy to passengers.

  2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, you can bring pets for you. 1 Beijing 798 Art District. Literary youth youth favorite 798 can also take pictures with dogs. 2 Beijing Bai Waterfall Temple, the millennium ancient temple is the giant sculpture of the fantasy and punk color. Isn't it very windy with a dog with a dog. 3 Beijing Shuanglongxia Scenic Area. There are mountains and rivers, rowing mountains and rivers, swimming, so that dogs are endless. 4 Beijing Huanghua Shui Great Wall, less than a good man in the Great Wall, of course, the baby of the dog cannot miss the good Hanha. The relatively few people are suitable for taking pictures and punching.n5 Kunming Dianchi Lake, the seagulls in Siberia will meet Dianchi every winter. You can bring dogs to enjoy the beauty and feed the seagulls together. 6 Tengchong Volcanic Geopark. This is a color trip. You can't go abroad to pretend to be in Turkey. Bringing the children with hair to watch the hot air balloon and climb the dead volcano 20W years ago.n7 Shanxi Pingyao Ancient City, take a dog to feel the ancient city of more than 2,800 years of history, and you can also watch the light show. People here are very friendly to dogs. It is said that Taiyuan still has to build a special pet park. Thinking about it, it is very excited. 8 The Yellow River Hukou Waterfall, Renma Pentium roar, a pot of thousands of miles of Yellow River, take our dogs to participate in the "Yellow River Chorus" together. 9 Sichuan Bizhuanggou Scenic Area, known as the small Swiss Switzerland in western Sichuan, seems to let you be in the world of ice and snow, thinking about running freely in the ice and snow world, will it not fall in love with it.n10 national forest parks, three thousand strange peaks, and 800 shows. Dogs can take the panoramic cable car up the mountain, and they can encounter small macaques in the mountains at any time. 11 Ara Sasteen Badan Jilin Desert, in addition to the shuttle tree, there is also a desert with pink lake here. The average annual temperature is only 7-8 degrees, which is suitable for dogs to run crazy. 12 Gansu Grand Canyon, Gansu, seems to be in the "Colorado" Grand Canyon, and dogs can encounter camels here.nNote: Remember to bring a traction rope and locator to the dog to ensure safe travel. Suggestion: Consult the next scenic spot before traveling to avoid inconvenience to you.nThank you questionsnAnswer If I can help you, please like me.n5 morenBleak

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