5 thoughts on “Dogs don't like to play toys, what's the matter? How can he like to play?”

  1. There are many dogs who do n’t like to play toys. The owner likes to buy toys for dogs. In fact, the dog does n’t like to play toys to summarize. First, it may be that the dog's natural personality makes it stable and sensible. It is not a cold; another reason may be that the toys they buy are not the type that dogs like, so they cannot mobilize the dog's interest and enthusiasm. It looks like a dog does not like to play toys.
    The dogs have too many varieties, but each dog has its own unique personality and hobbies. As parents, they should comprehensively and carefully analyze their dogs' hobbies, understand what they like, what they are afraid of, and choose those dogs when buying toys, so that you will not waste money. Interested in playing.
    of course, if the dog is born with no love to play toys, why should the owner be forced to force the dog what toys? Give the dog more freedom, so that it can retain some of its own characteristics. Not bad. Of course, if your dog likes to play toys very much, it is okay to buy some for it. Dog toys are not expensive, and it is very easy to buy.

  2. The dog that can be cultivated is actually like a child. Sometimes it is to play psychological warfare with it. The more you don't give him, the more you want him. From the beginning, you can slowly want to guide, the props need snacks, toys, and your flooding love and pride.
    The first step is to take the toy in front of it. If it looks at it at a glance: The reward must be timely
    It the second step. When it realizes what it can do You have succeeded in a big step, and slowly look at the first step-> smell-> physical contact-> Then bite into your mouth-> Send it to your hand. Pay attention to timely rewards and repeats.
    Note: The training time should not be trained within 10 minutes. It is best to finish the toy and no longer give it. The best training effect before meal
    Munning to see toys will become excited next time.
    The process of dog training: The owner is a screenwriter. What kind of script do you need to plan for your dogs to do things according to the script process. You can understand this. In fact, most training can be trained according to this process.

  3. Each dog has its own personality. Don't see how the dogs of others are attributed to their own dogs.
    Dogs have their own favorite things, different, and they can only be explored by the owner themselves. I do n’t play any toys in my dog, I just like elastic balls, and they are super afraid of sound toys.
    The dogs should have been closed for too long before. They will be psychologically affected by some psychological. They are more lonely, and they will be more sensitive than ordinary dogs. The owner should pay more attention to it, accompany it, and tease it with snacks. Know a lot, I believe your dog will get better and better.
    says that my dogs are also lonely, I don't like to play with other dogs, and I am also trying to improve its personality.
    The traction rope is necessary. VIPs are more close to others. It is not good to lose or be taken away by others. If you don't want to leave, you have to train and you can train at home.

  4. ball! Intersection Intersection Or drinking a drink bottle, my dog ​​likes these two, especially the ball. When you see the ball, you can do not. Plush toys personally feel that there are fewer pets that I like, and they are usually ruined. They are still full of fluffs, and it is difficult to clean up.
    This dogs do not like toys. It may have a certain relationship with no one to play with it when it was young. Pets have limited IQs and fewer toys. They generally need interaction. This needs to be cultivated the day after tomorrow.

  5. Dogs are also different according to their personality. Toys classification: plush toys, ball toys, sound toys, fun toys (food can be installed inside), rope toys, flying trays, etc. First of all, you need to know which type of toys your dog likes. Other dogs do not like to play. The traction rope may not have been brought before, and suddenly there will be resistance or uncomfortable. It is good for the correct guidance time. In addition, I can increase his interest when walking the dog. You can bring some snacks to guide. The first time he exaggeratedly praised him and rewarded snacks.

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