2 thoughts on “Why don't the dog grow up when you grow up, you don’t like to play toys anymore”

  1. Toys are very important for dogs. It not only allows dogs to pass the time, increase life fun, but also effectively consume their extra physical strength and relieve stress. Therefore Buy a lot of toys for them.
    did you find that the dog seems to have lost interest in these toys after getting older, and become more and less likely to play!
    It because the dog grows up, the personality naturally becomes relatively stable. Did you disdain those toys that the little farts are playing?
    Dogs will also like the new and hate the old
    The people will misunderstand that the dog is growing up because of the growing personality, so he does not like to play toys.
    of course, the dogs will indeed become relatively stable when they grow up, unlike the puppies, but this does not mean that they do not like to play toys.
    If you find that Wang Xingren in the family does not love to play toys, then please reflect on whether you have n’t bought a new toy for too long?
    , like people, dogs will be more interested in new things. If you find that your dog's loyalty to old toys is not high, you may wish to buy some new toys to go home and try it.
    The various types of toys for young dogs
    The more and more diverse dog toys, such as various balls, ropes, and bite will have sound, feathers with feathers. .. .. ..
    If your dog is a young and strong dog, please try to choose a variety of different types of toys as much as possible.
    The new things that have not been seen and have been touched, they will bring different sensory stimuli to the dogs, so that they will not be bored.
    If dog dogs are suitable for puzzle toys
    Elderly dogs are not as physical as young guys, so puzzle toys are more suitable for them.
    For example, a smart ball with snacks in a toy, does not need to spend too much physical strength. In addition to being able to pass the time, often moving the brain can also prevent brain degeneration.
    It dogs are like children, and of course it will be tired after playing for a long time_
    So do not ignore this detail. After helping to buy new toys for love dogs, don't forget to take out more time and them Play with.

  2. The dog grows up and matures, so I don't like to play toys anymore.
    This Dogs are mainly teeth itchy when they were young, so they like to bite toys.
    After the dog grows up, the teeth are not itchy, and naturally do not like to play toys.

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