4 thoughts on “What is the cause of dogs in dogs”

  1. It may be hungry often. Dogs will hide food. Or there are other animals who snatched food with dogs at home, and dogs will hide food without sharing with other animals. Dog intestines are also instinctual reactions residual after evolutionary reactions.

  2. Dogs hide food, prove that it is really smart. Hide the rest of the food and keep it for a while. This dog is really cute and smart. But you have to pay attention to him at all times, do not put it for too long. If the time is too long and the dog eats it, it will cause intestinal diseases.

  3. Only the hungry dogs will do such things, and they will store some foods to eat when they are prepared without food.
    I either like to eat this snack, afraid that the owner will not let it, so hide it. So as to be more.

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