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  1. The top ten most popular pet dogs are Husky, Labrador, Golden Retriever, Akita Dogs, Samoyed, Shiba Inu, Corgi, Border Shepherd, Pomeranian and poodle.
    The ten most popular pet dogs include Husky Husky has always been a well -known pet dog. Essence In fact, as long as you raise well and teach patiently, Husky is also very obedient.
    The ten most popular pet dogs are Labradradalabrado and are always trained as guide dogs, police dogs, search and rescue dogs, etc., which has greatly helped and contributed to human life. Essence Labrador is loyal and loyal, the sun is lively, and it is very suitable for family breeding with children.
    The ten most popular pet dogs have golden retrievers. Many people like to raise golden retriever, because the character of golden retriever is very flattering, and it is very easy to raise. Golden Mao's requirements for the owner are not high. Occasionally, they can accompany it to play for a while, exercise regularly, and physical examinations.
    The ten most popular pet dogs are Akita dogs who have watched the movie "Loyal Dog Eight Gong". They must be impressed with Akita Dog, and even have an urge to raise a one. Akita dogs are brave and clever, but because of huge body shape, they are ranked among the prohibition.
    The ten most popular pet dogs are the title of Samoyeda Samoyed "Smile Angel". Seeing them, they feel that they are smiling at you, and their hearts are germinated. Samoyed is smart and cute, and the white hair color looks noble and elegant.
    The ten most popular pet dogs are Shiba Inu. Among all kinds of pet dogs, Shiba Inu is undoubtedly the role of Internet celebrity, and it is also a Japanese national treasure dog. It is a very good choice to raise Shiba Inu to see the home guard. In ancient times, they were the superior hunting dogs.
    The ten most popular pet dogs are Corgi Corgi as one of the most popular small dogs. Corgi is a smart dog that can be used to protect children. Even Queen Elizabeth 20 has a soft spot for Corgi.
    The ten most popular pet dogs include border herd shepherd dogs are the most strong learning capabilities, and IQ ranks on the list of dogs. They have strong obedience. It can be said that anyone who gets along with Bian Mu will fall in love with this dog.
    The ten most popular pet dogs are Bo Mei Bomei, which is suitable for partner dogs. Their unique hair looks beautiful and is very competitive in the game. However, Bomei needs to combine hair regularly, and people who are busy life should not choose Bomei.
    The ten most popular pet dogs are VIPs and poodles. It can be said to be the most raised small dogs. This dog's unique curly hair looks very cute. The owners always make the poodle into various shapes. Teddy is one of the many cosmetic styles of poodles.

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