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  1. In daily life, we always find such an interesting phenomenon. When we throw food to dogs, some dogs will take away the food instead of eating directly, especially the Chinese pastoral dogs. In fact, pet dogs fed at home often have such behavior. When you clean up the room, you accidentally discovered the food hidden by the dog? Dogs really love to hide their food, sometimes under the carpet, sometimes under the sofa, sometimes under bed. So why do dogs hide their food? Why do many dogs do this?
    Thenian dog hidden food hidden foods hidden food is a deep -rooted habit in their bones, which is inseparable from their ancestors' lives in the wild. Even though the dog has been domesticated for many years, they still retain this habit.
    long ago, the dog obtains the food you need by capturing the prey. But they do not always capture enough prey, and they will choose to hide food. On the one hand, hidden foods can prevent other animals from snatching their food, and on the other hand, it also ensures that dogs still have food to eat in emergency situations.
    Weous other reasons for the hidden food of the dog. In fact, the dog is a natural hoarder. What would they do when they had too many foods, but they didn't feel hungry? Of course, they choose to hide the food and eat them when they are hungry.
    is like a squirrel that likes to stuff nuts in his mouth. Dogs will try to build a "food kingdom" by hiding food.
    Dogs often feel bored, especially when you go to work or you stay at home alone. When you are not at home, the dog may hide the food to entertain yourself. They will hide food in a certain place, sleep, and then let themselves find those foods. It may repeat this behavior, which helps to alleviate the boredom of the dog.
    We when you think about the food hidden by the dog, what do you do? Will you call the dog to hide the food, and then conduct some "ideological education" in the face of it? No matter what reaction you respond to the dog, in the eyes of the dog, it has successfully attracted your attention, which is enough for it. In the dog's life, attracting the attention of the owner is one of their main goals. If it can win the owner's attention by hiding food, it will continue to do so.
    How to prevent the dog from hiding food? Hidden food is very risky for dogs, especially when the food is soaked by the dog's saliva. Without food, it can always be kept fresh, and the hidden foods are likely to have moldy. If dogs eat moldy and deteriorated foods, their health may be threatened.
    You can take some simple ways to avoid this. First of all, you can try to reduce the supply of dog food slightly. This can ensure that the dog is in a state of "hunger" for a long time. The feeling of hunger will drive the dogs to eat their food. On the other hand, if you caught the dog's hidden food on the spot, then you can try to ignore it. Do not pay extra attention to dogs because of this behavior, focusing on it is to encourage this behavior.

  2. In fact, not only the rural dog often likes to hide food. All dogs have such a habit, mainly because they want to hide the food and not be discovered by other kinds. Genminism.

  3. In fact, sometimes dogs are the same as people. When they are not hungry, they will store excess food and wait until the dog is hungry. And they will hide their favorite foods. Born by worrying pastoral dogs, I also understand.

  4. Hidden foods are the nature of dogs. Their ancestors lived in the wild, and they were not abundant. They also need to avoid being snatched by other animals, so they need to hide the food.

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