5 thoughts on “What pets are better in renting a house?”

  1. If you are renting a house, do n’t raise cats, dogs, dogs. It ’s not easy to clean up. It is recommended to raise a small turtle. It is tenacious, and it is easy to take care of it. Poke him is also very fun, a very convenient pet.

  2. If you raise animals in the rental house, I think you can raise some people who do n’t have noisy other people to sleep, and then do n’t demolish this. If you want to raise dogs, it is recommended to raise some docile, like Teddy, Golden retriever and Husky, because they are stupid and stupid, they will also dismantle home. If you raise cats, you can still understand it.

  3. You can raise some small pets, such as turtles, hamsters, small fish, etc., because the rental house is a place where others are. If the pet is too noisy, it must be not good.

  4. I think if your rental house is relatively large, you can raise some cats and dogs to accompany you. If you are relatively small, you can raise a little hamster, and wait for some small movements.

  5. Small dogs, one is easy to take care of, and it is not too tired to hold it. The second is that you do n’t need to worry too much. Take a bath and feed a little simpler to take care of it. This is more suitable for girls to raise.

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