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  1. 1. "Working Dog" Labrado

    Labrador is a ability to work in many jobs. Working ability and physical fitness are nothing to say. The adaptation ability is still very strong. A girl lives in wherever it is to protect the owner. It is also rare to get sick. It is very suitable for office workers and raised alone. It can give a lot of security. It is a dog who is very loyal to protect the Lord.

    . "Bodyguard" German Shepherd

    Terne shepherd dogs are more common as police dogs. There are many advantages. The home care home is still a good hand. It has a strong physique and a sense of deterrence. I have no idea of ​​obedient loyalty. Occasionally, it will be coquettish to the owner. At the same time, you can accompany you to make you not lonely.

    . "Warm Men" Golden Retriever

    Golden retriever can also give the owner a sense of security. Its lively and enthusiastic can also make you feel that you are not afraid of living alone, so warm It is also very sensible, and it will do a lot of things for you, such as expressing some things that it can do, and can also have a good relationship with neighbors for the girl who lives alone, making the owner more cheerful.

    . The "partner dog" Shiba Inu

    Shiba Inu is also a dog that is very suitable for living girls. Shiba Inu sex is docile, loyal, obedient, but independent. There is some reservations about strangers, but for those who get their respect, they are loyal and loved, and they will well protect the loyal owner. It will not bark. It is great Partner dog.

    five. Under the premise of living alone, it is best to have a good temper and economic strength. Otherwise, I am afraid that you can't stand the Husky's "Hu Tang". You will forget to be afraid of this when you go out for a walk.

  2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer what you want to raise depends on what you like. In general, there are some popular pets, such as dogs, or cats. Because serving these pets is relatively complete. If you don't understand it yourself, there will be some pet shops for you to give you some professional guidance. Cats and dogs are also more humane. In fact, pets are mainly psychologically comfortable for themselves. Sometimes you feel like your puppy or kitten seems to be your own child. It is not recommended to raise some low animals, such as snakes, lizards and the like. These animals are not human, and it is difficult to resonate with you emotionally. The only advantage is that when I took it out, I seemed to be unique and very individual. As far as cats or dogs are concerned, it mainly depends on the person's personality. If you like well -known and obedient, raising dogs. If you like more independent animals, you will raise cats. The cat looks very well -behaved. In fact, it is very personal. You know it if you raise it. The dog is very loyal to the owner, but the enthusiasm is a bit annoying.

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