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  1. Because they are leased with others, we must consider the mood of the roommate, so the pets that are raised should be quiet and cannot be noisy. The first suggestion is that turtles and turtles are very easy to raise. It is not easy to die. Just change water on time. It is not diligent in feeding, and there will be no sound.
    It, as long as the turtles reach cold water in the cold water, you can place it in a dark corner without spending too much thought. The second kind of pet, goldfish, this can be considered with turtles, all of which are animals in the water. Maybe they will have friendship together. Goldfish should pay attention to changing water on time, feeding in moderation, the environmental temperature should be appropriate, and there is no other attention. The third is the Dutch pig, which is also a guinea pig.
    This pet is very cute, and it is usually not very noisy, but it will be called badly at night. I suggest to wrap the guinea pig's cage with a blanket at night, so they will quietly stay quiet all night, not too noisy. It is also necessary to ensure regular fruits of guinea pigs. You can find the fruits you can eat online. You cannot keep them all the time. Well, these three types of recommendation are these three.

  2. Lease it with others, it is best not to raise anything. After all, it is not your own home. What you like does not mean that others like it. In order to avoid the troubles brought about in the future, it is best not to think about it. Just take care of yourself!
    If you have to raise a pet, I think it is more reliable to raise a bird, like what cat, puppy, it is best to dispel this idea. It was my previous little dumb (a puppy raised before) without a reason. Later, I never thought about what pets were raised, and I was afraid that I couldn't find it. No matter what the reason, I didn’t like it now. I really don’t like it. If someone else raises cats and dogs, if I want me to rent with this person, I will definitely be very depressed, dislike, and even sad, and think about how to make the people who rent it not support these pets. Old death is not like each other, I can't afford to avoid it!
    If a bird, I should still accept it. After all, the bird must be located in the cage. As long as you put him far away, it will not be possible to encounter me. It's even better to have a parrot. When I was free, I could talk to him a few words. I was more acceptable and happy. When I was okay, I could go out to slipping the birds. The birds on the shoulders are so well -trained. No matter where they go, they are so obedient. I have never thought of slipping out of such a good opportunity, indicating that the bird's relationship with the owner is very deep!
    Is I can't figure out other pets. Raising birds is the most suitable. By the way, I also see some people in the WeChat circle of friends. Little hamsters can also be raised, all of which are closed, and they will not disturb the leased people too much!

  3. Presumably everyone has watched "Ode to Joy", and they all envy the friendship like small earthworms, Guan Yier, Fan Shengmei, share joy every day, share sorrows, travel together, eat together, resist evil forces together, and every day, everyone can reconcile with the air. , Think of sisters. When I go home on the holidays, I will miss each other.
    What is the leased life in real life?
    This summer vacation, I went to Beijing to experience a monthly rental life. I did n’t think of eating together, chatting together, and even more than ten sentences. Live from the ninth three -fileer life, after returning home, I returned to my own house. I think I should raise a pet dog at this time, accompany myself, eliminate loneliness, and see the door.
    I remember that there was a sister who lived in the master bedroom at the time. When she first moved, she brought a pet dog. Maybe she thought it was lonely in this strange city. There was a spiritual dog. The dog is still very good. Whenever she goes home in the evening, she will take her dog out for a circle, which will not make her city life too monotonous.
    The pet dog will not only enrich urban life, but also benefit physical and mental health. In winter, dogs can also bring warmth, and can also talk to dogs, which can reduce the incidence of depression.
    In addition to raising dogs, you can also raise cats and cats. It is convenient and clean. The cat loves cleanliness, docile, and you can hold sleep.
    . I have also seen someone raising a turtle in the shared house. This area is small, but this turtle has to look at personal interests. My roommates have raised turtles. Will be lonely. She also raised rabbits in the dormitory. Although the rabbit is cute, rabbit dung is not easy to solve, so it is not recommended to raise rabbits as pets.

  4. I think there is no problem with the goldfish. I ’m haha. Although they are living together, it’ s hard to say whether others will be disgusted. I have stayed in Beijing for a few years. Many friends who rent it. You have to wash them for them, where are you wash, how do you wash? What others think are more troublesome, and some intermediaries or agency companies will clearly tell you that you cannot raise pets. If you raise it, a good word, you move away. So my connection is not to raise some fish or something. Even if it is a crawling animal, after all, work outside the train, I don’t let it be on the train.

  5. The key is that people who rent with you like small animals. If she likes, you can raise a big python. If he doesn't like it, you can't raise a little white rabbit. Ask your roommate before raising, hate little animals.

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