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  1. Pet dogs usually grow up with dog food. Pet dogs cannot eat bones, and they are spicy and irritating foods such as liver and onions. Dogs can't eat, and foods like chocolate, dogs can't eat, otherwise the dog will also cause the dog to be very uncomfortable.
    . Foods that pet dogs cannot eat. Pet dogs cannot eat liver for a long time, and the liver is rich in vitamin A, which is a harmful and unhelpful food for pet dogs. In addition to these liver, pet dogs cannot eat bones. If pet dogs eat bones, it is also easy to cause the dog's gastric endometrial damage to cause a variety of diseases in the dog, so everyone needs to pay attention. In addition, pet dogs cannot eat onions, and some garlic. Such foods, these foods are very irritating. After eating, pet dogs may have diarrhea. Pet dogs are not like other dogs. Other dogs can eat a lot of food, but pet dogs are definitely not good.
    . Precautions for feeding pet dogs. Avoid some problems with pet dogs, so it is best to choose to eat some dog food for pet dogs. These dog food also has certain benefits for the body of pet dogs, and it can also avoid the body of the pet dog's body to a certain extent. Essence In comparison, many pet dogs, if they eat dog food for a long time, cannot accept some foods that humans eat. Therefore, we can only feed pet dogs through dog food, especially like some species of pet dogs.
    . Summary. Now that everyone has raised dogs, we must have learned about some precautions for raising dogs in advance, and money that dogs need to spend. Compared with, dog foods that dogs eat , So we may need to spend 500 to 1,000 yuan a month to buy dog ​​food for dogs, but dogs are already our most loyal friends, so at this time we should not feel very distressed.

  2. Pet dogs cannot eat chocolate, strong tea, coffee, chicken bones, duck bones, avocado, etc. None of them can be given to pet dogs because it may cause diarrhea and abdominal pain.

  3. Big bone, animals, chocolate, shallots, seafood, cakes, these foods cannot be eaten, and eating too much can make the baby's stomach uncomfortable.

  4. Pet dogs cannot eat liver, chocolate, green onions, onions, garlic, ginger, coffee, green tea, seafood, candy, spicy strips, potato chips and so on.

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