4 thoughts on “Teddy is one of the most popular dogs. Why is it so expensive?”

  1. In fact, compared to other pets, the teddy dog ​​is really much cheaper, and its price is really not expensive. The reason why it is very cheap is because it has a lot of reproduction. Many people like this kind of dogs like teddy dogs in many urban dogs and pet shops. Therefore, in order to compete, many businesses will desperately pull the price. Generally, it can be bought at about 800 yuan, but you have to buy a variety of varieties. It will definitely be more expensive.
    The main reason is that he is too common because he is too common. Many people raise dogs to follow the trend. In fact, they don't know what kind of dogs they like. After this kind of thing is raised too much, the price will naturally be reduced, because you go out and go around, the street is full of this kind of dog, then naturally it is not fresh. Very low. After all, things are rare. If the streets are full, how can it be expensive?
    and because of one reason for a lot of reproduction, there are many Teddys that have been uninterested in bloodlines now. It is also because of this that its price will slowly lower than before. Of course, if it is a pure species of Teddy, then its price will definitely be very expensive. Any kind of pet is definitely not cheap as long as it is pure species, as if it is a very high -quality thing, how can it be available at low prices? The price of pure species is about twice to three times ordinary.
    Actually, many people are raising Teddy. After raising, he will feel that this dog is not particularly good, because their physique is really bad, it is particularly easy to get sick, and the stomach is not the stomach and intestines. Very good, I often get some gastrointestinal diseases, and the bones are fractured without moving. It feels like taking him to see a doctor every year. keep.

  2. Teddy is a small dog. The price of purebred teddy dogs is high. Many people like to raise Teddy and teddy rises. Usually breeding is more convenient, the amount of exercise is small, and the amount of food is small, saving food costs.

  3. Because Teddy's raw amount is particularly small, a mother Teddy may have a nest to give birth to only a teddy, so things are rare.

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