5 thoughts on “Why is the price of Corgi so expensive?”

  1. Why is the price of Corgi so expensive?
    The people's living standards are getting better and better. With the progress of society, the family environment is getting better and better. Many people like to raise some pet dogs and pet cats at home. Now the hottest "net red dog" can only belong to Corki. Corgi has recently been a more and more hot breed on the Internet. The reason why Corgi is deeply liked by the public is nothing more than these three points: one is that the legs are cute, the other is the big butt, and the third is silly and cute. It is because Corgi is becoming more and more "red" now, so the price is getting more and more expensive. So why is the price of Corgi so expensive?

    01, I believe that many people who know dogs and cats know that before buying dogs and cats, you must find out if this dog or cat is purely species because the variety is breed, because the variety is The problem, so the price is not the same. Corgi dogs are not very stable. The more purely the price of dogs sells the price, the more expensive, so the variety of Corgi dogs and the price of selling are different. If it is a hybrid Cocky, it will be much cheaper. The difference in a variety of factors will also lead to different prices of Corgi dogs.

    02, the hype, we all know that the Corgi dog is the favorite of the Queen of England. Corki is the most proud dog in the UK, and it is labeled with the nobles. There is also the reason why the Corgi dog is liked because of its big buttocks, and short legs. It is really unable to fight when selling cute. It is because of the psychology of many consumers, which leads to the greater demand of Corgi, and some merchants also use this hype to deliberately raise the price of the Corgi dog. Therefore, Corgi's price is getting more and more expensive.

    03, regional factors and regional factors can also affect the price of Corgi dogs. Our city is different, and the consumption level is naturally different. For example, in Beijing, the level of living consumption in first -tier cities in Shanghai will be very high, but if in the second -tier and third -tier cities, the consumption level will be reduced by several level The price is naturally different. The Corgi dogs in developed cities are relatively expensive, but as for the difference in price, there are no specific investigations.

    04, gender factors usually have a certain impact on their prices if we consult the clerk in the pet shop, and the dog's male and female also have a certain impact on their prices. Of course, there is no doubt that the price of the mother's Corgi is definitely higher than the Gong Cock dog. After all, the mother's Corgi can be produced, and it is possible to give it or sell it after production. So many pet shops have seized this psychology of consumers and increased the price of Corgi dogs. However, for some dog lovers, even if the price of technology dogs is more expensive, they will still buy them. After all, such a cute dog has a "fatal temptation", but we should also pay attention to the usual cleaning and hair loss problem. So how much is your Corgi dog started?

  2. Because it is a relatively scarce dog species in the world, there are few this kind of dog species in the world, and this kind of dog species has a lot of value. For example, it has a lot of research value and medicinal value, so it is It looks more expensive. The so -called things are rare and expensive. Generally, the scarce things in the world are more expensive.

  3. Mainly because of hype, because Corgi is liked by the Queen of the United Kingdom, many media use it to speculate, resulting in its price is so expensive, but it is not necessarily that all Corgi dogs are more expensive. Choose according to its descent and its gender.

  4. Because the Corgi dog is very smart, and the type of Corgi is also very noble, if you want to raise a Corgi dog, it is very expensive, and the variety of Corgi dogs is also very small, so things are based on things. Rare is expensive, the price of Corgi is so expensive.

  5. Because Corgi belongs to a foreign variety, he is relatively rare in China, and because his looks are very cute and loved, there are many soldiers. The merchants seize this business opportunity, so It will make it a little more expensive.

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