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  1. 1. Dogs that cannot be eaten by dogs include chocolate, coffee, tea, milk, carambrance, onion, green onion, chicken bone, raw eggs, raw meat, grapes, wild bacteria, pepper, garlic, large ingredients, seafood, animals of liver of liver of livers of the liver of animals. , Stimulating things. When feeding, be careful not to feed too much or too full. Do not feed too much salty things, affecting the growth of the dog. Among them, chocolate will severely damage the central nervous nerve of the dog, causing dog shock and even death. Chocolate not only sticks its teeth, damage the dog's teeth. The following focuses on introducing chocolate, and briefly introduced other dogs that cannot be eaten and food that cannot be eaten frequently.
    2. Chocolate. Chocolate is a dog's poison, mainly because chocolate contains cocoa base. The cocoa base in chocolate can act on the central nervous and heart of the dog, causing the dog to have poisoning symptoms, vomiting, diarrhea, and neuropathy. After eating chocolate, the dog cannot digest the body like humans. Even the micro -chocolate causes the dog's heart to be too fast, and shock and even sudden death. If the dog eats chocolate and has poisoning, the general symptoms include motion, diarrhea, dehydration, muscle jitter, tension, heartbeat, thirst, vomiting, etc., so after the dog eats chocolate by mistake, If there are these phenomena above, you must take the dog to seek medical treatment in time to detoxify in time. If there is no way to seek medical treatment immediately, let the dog drink plenty of water, and try to eliminate toxic substances by urination. Other detoxification methods include soap to vomit soap in the dog's mouth, and let the dog spit out the chocolates that eat.
    3. Grapes in fruit. Dogs cannot eat grapes. Dogs eating grapes will cause serious harm and may shock.
    4. Fine chicken bone head. Dogs like to eat bones very much. Not all bones are suitable for dogs. Feeding and cracking bones (such as chicken bones) may cause bone fragments to pierce the dog's throat, or cut the dog's dog The mouth, esophagus or gastrointestinal. It is best to cook the bones first. If you want to give it bad breath, it is also possible to feed some dog snack chicken dried!
    5. Onions in vegetables. Onions and its brothers garlic are rich in compounds called sodium sulfate. Anyway, this is toxic for dogs. Symptoms include depression, fatigue, do not want to eat, vomiting and diarrhea, and even hematuria.
    So vegetables and onions and garlic should not be eaten by dogs. Even if they are cooked, for the health of the dog, be sure to put it in the place where the dog cannot touch!
    6. Delicious seafood.
    Although seafood is very good, dogs cannot eat seafood, because seafood is not easy to digest food for dogs, and it will block the flow of blood vessels in dogs.
    and seafood also contain substances that can cause dog skin allergies, so seafood must not be eaten by dogs, so as not to cause dogs to cause allergies!
    7. Liver. The liver is one of the favorite foods of dogs, and many snacks or dog food contain liver. Eating a small amount of liver is actually helpful for dogs, but if you eat too much, it will cause nutritional problems. Because the liver contains a large amount of vitamin A, absorbing too much dimension A may cause bone problems, that is, vitamin A poisoning or vitamin A is too disease. Edible liver toxicity: 3 pairs of chicken liver in a week. Symptoms of poisoning: Far -skeletal elbows, spine bones rapidly developing, weight loss, anorexia, and no appetite.
    8. Raw eggs. The protein of raw eggs contains an Avidin protein, which will exhaust vitamin H in the dog's body (exist in vitamin B group), and vitamin H is an indispensable nutrition for dogs to grow and promote the health of fur. It is likely to cause vitamin H deficiency after eating by mistake. Symptoms of poisoning: hair loss, weakness, slow growth, skeletal malformation.
    9. Frequent feeding raw fish will cause Thiamine (a vitamin B) deficiency, which will lead to reduced appetite, cramps, and even death.

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