5 thoughts on “What should I do if the puppy is bitten by a rabies sick dog?”

  1. Apply hydrogen peroxide and fast scabs. The two male dogs in my family used to fight frequently. Every time I hit scarred, I used hydrogen peroxide. Intomododia can only play a role in anti -inflammatory. The wound healing is also fast, the hair that has grown is fast, and there are many effects of hydrogen peroxide.

  2. Take a look at the injury. If the bleeding is bleeding, the wound is very deep, first scrape the hair of the bite area, then wipe the iodine, clean up the wound, and finally go to Yunnan Baiyao. You can cooperate with the cephalosporin or amoxicillin. Two capsules each time, the capsule is plugged into the ham sausage. It can be once or twice a day. This is the case for a few days, until you see the wound scabs, you can. If it is just a minor injury, apply some iodine anti -inflammatory.

  3. Wipe it gently with iodine, and then decide whether to go to the pet hospital according to the degree of wounds. Avoid going out during the recovery period and rolling underground to prevent wound infection. Take him to the pet hospital. Do n’t worry when the puppy is bitten by the rabies sick dog, and do n’t panic. Cure as soon as possible is the best response.

  4. Sprinkle with some anti -inflammatory medicine powder, or apply some erythromycin eye ointment to take some anti -inflammatory drugs that treat soft tissue infections. Don't dip the water. Don't eat hair -based food. Rabies who do not transmit another dog. So just treat the wound with peace of mind.

  5. Clean the wound with iodophor or benzbazblyzide, and then apply anti -inflammatory drugs and drugs that are beneficial to wound healing. Finally, consider whether it is necessary to bandage according to the size of the wound, but it is not conducive to the healing of the wound. " A Elizabeth circle prevent him from licking the wound. If there is no condition, you can go to the pet hospital to see.

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