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  1. Berne Mountain Dog (details introduction)
    Sometimes when you wake up, you will find that your slippers are gone, the furniture is bitten, and the sofa is bitten. The capital is the same thing that is your favorite. The owners are also helpless, so why do dogs like to bite things, what are the causes, and how to improve their disadvantages is what we have to do. Don't blame them blindly, because this is not great.
    So why do dogs like to bite things? Dogs will have grinding teeth when they are 3 to 6 months old. The main reason is that the milk teeth will be separated, and new teeth will feel uncomfortable. Therefore, dogs often bite things to alleviate this discomfort. It feels like this helps the new teeth grow smoothly, which is why the dog likes to bite things. When the dog is growing, when you need to change your teeth, you will find that they really bite everything. This will not only cause harm to the whole family. It's not very optimistic. The owner of the dog must help the dog to spend the whole period safely, and it can also ensure that the things at home will not be different because of the dog's grinding teeth.
    In order to improve this, we can buy some toys that are conducive to dog grinding teeth on the Internet or pet shops, such as molar rods, dog bite, etc., or a large pork bone to let them bite to the molars to achieve the molars The effect, in order to change a good teeth, and to prevent them from destroying the furniture at home, we must pay more attention.

  2. Dogs like to bite things for reasons. When puppies are full of wonders, they are optimistic about things around. They are playmate as playmates. They are lying down and their forelimbs are forward. Secondly, when the puppies are born 3 to 6 months, when the deciduous teeth are transformed into permanent teeth, they especially like to bite things. The teeth are itchy and cause a phenomenon of physiological desire. The third point is a puppy with a strong growth. He is too vigorous and has nowhere to play, especially puppies in the growth period. In addition to the method of strengthening and bone bones, you should also review:
    (1) After entering the house, it is limited to play in the dog and the sports field.
    (2) Use toys to play for it, such as commercially available kraft fake bones, hard balls, or things that are no longer used (dolls, shoes, etc.).
    (3) Increase the walking time and exercise amount outside.
    (4) During this bite time, the moving object is high or collected. A puppy with no bite at all, either the body is sick or bad. As long as you are good at stopping the dog's random bite, you can still teach it. At the same time, I moved its full energy to training, and I could try it.

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